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How to stay in a coliving in Nantes?

How to find a coliving in Nantes? You are settling in Nantes and don't want to live alone? Quickly find a coliving among Studapart's verified ads! Read more

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Finding coliving accommodation in Nantes 


How to find a coliving in Nantes? You are settling in Nantes and don't want to live alone? Quickly find a coliving among Studapart's verified ads!



Experience coliving in Nantes! 



Coliving is a way of living that has been spreading in France for a few years. Coming from the United States, it straddles the line between shared accommodation and aparthotels. More advantageous than the aparthotel, but often less than shared accommodation, co-living generally offers an individual living space (a bedroom and a bathroom, sometimes a kitchen) and collective spaces and services (living rooms, coworking , gym, library, laundry, internet, streaming platforms, etc.). It is also organized around common values ​​and interests (ecology, way of life, professional activity, etc.). 



Nantes, a booming city


Nantes, nicknamed The Venice of the West, for the 250 kilometers of waterways that wind through it, is a city rich in heritage that offers a very qualitative living environment. It is notably the only city in France to have been elected Green Capital of Europe, in 2013.

First city in the West of France, Nantes is the prefecture of the Pays de la Loire region and the capital of its department: Loire-Atlantique.

With a population of some 320,000, Nantes is the most densely populated city in the West and regularly attracts new residents thanks to modern public infrastructure, proximity to Atlantic Ocean beaches and numerous opportunities in the employment.

Located a few kilometers from the Loire estuary, not far from the famous towns of St-Nazaire and Guérande, Nantes is a large city full of surprises, bordered by green nature. Perfect for young working people who want to combine career and good living.

The weather is not always good, but there are very nice days in summer, with temperatures approaching 30 degrees.



There are few coliving announcements, it is rather a not very common way of living in Nantes



We quite rarely find coliving announcements in Nantes. If you are looking for accommodation in this category, we recommend that you start your search way before your arrival on site. As in many cities in France, Nantes has few accommodations designed for coliving.


Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that the market in Nantes is tense: we count approximately 4 times more demand than offer.


You want to set up in coliving in Nantes? Studapart offers you verified offers!



Integrating a coliving is a good idea for a person who does not wish to live alone, but to maintain their privacy. The opportunity to be independent, while sharing your daily life and activities with other members. In Nantes, 20% of the accommodations available for rent are co-living or shared accommodation.



What surface for my personal space in collective housing in Nantes? 



As you will have understood, shared accommodation and co-living accommodation have some similarities! Regarding the surface, it often happens that co-living accommodation is in large apartments or houses. It is therefore rare for colivings to be T3, they are often T4. The average surface area of ​​a coliving house available in Nantes measures approximately more than 70sq.m. They represent 25% of from Nantes housing .



How much rent for a coliving or a roommate in Nantes? 



For a personal space in a co-living room or a room in a shared apartment in Nantes, expect more or less 450€/month.


Obviously, the more the accommodation is recent, offers comfort and equipment, the more the rent budget increases. It is necessary to take into account the layout and the surface of the property.

A coliving will generally cost more than a classic shared apartment, since the rooms are generally equipped with an individual bathroom and sometimes even a kitchen area. You also have to consider the quality of the furniture.


A few tips before you start your coliving research in Nantes


Coliving is still a very new type of accommodation in France, for this reason it can sometimes be difficult to find it. We recommend that you broaden your search to other categories of accommodation, such as shared accommodation for example.

If you are a new resident, take the time to identify the places you visit most often, to choose your ideal location and be sure to discover Nantes  in the best conditions.


The city center, direct proximity to amenities


The city center of Nantes represents its historic heart and its cultural center, it is the district in which the people of Nantes work and where they like to meet in the evening.

Head to Place Royale, the epicenter of this district, with architecture as prestigious as its name suggests. The historic heart of Nantes is the central and liveliest district of the city, it is home to most of the headquarters of local businesses but also places of leisure such as bars and restaurants, museums, tourist attractions...

It is also the administrative center of the city. Very well served by transport, it is a good destination for international workers, among others, who will have direct access to the airport from this area. Daily life is rather calm for a city center, since the majority of its surface is pedestrian, few vehicles circulate there and their speed is limited to 30km/h.

As for housing, the buildings are rather old in the center, a large part of which is classified as a protected area. Rents are particularly affordable and Nantes residents who choose to live in the city center are often looking for easy transport and direct proximity to amenities.




The Hauts-Pavés - Saint-Félix district, peaceful and popular for its green spaces


The Hauts-Pavés – Saint Felix district is embroidered by the Erdre and attracts Nantes residents for its personality and dynamism.

Quieter than the city center but just as lively thanks to its places of culture, bars and restaurants, the Hauts-Pavés – Saint-Félix district is the second most populated in Nantes, it offers green parks, such as the Japanese garden of the island of Versailles or the Parc de Procé, conducive to recharging your batteries in the heart of the city. There is also a market on which many Nantes residents have their Sunday habits: that of Talensac, known for its seafood and cheeses, offered by local producers. It is a residential and peaceful area, popular for its natural spaces, its good addresses and its village atmosphere. In fine weather, it attracts locals and visitors, who enjoy long walks or bike rides on the trails along the banks of the Erdre, or even boat trips. It is also an ideal area for science students, since it is the campus of the faculty. 

On the housing side, there are many old houses, mostly occupied by families and elderly people. It is a district that mainly attracts intermediate professions and executives with rents that remain affordable compared to the national average. 



The coliving lease contract, how does it work?



Because of its very recent arrival, coliving is still poorly regulated in French law. In fact, co-living accommodation is often rented as furnished, on a mobility lease or even as a hostel accommodation.



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Frequently asked questions

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Nantes?

For the most part, students looking for student accommodation in Nantes are looking for studios from € 398 to € 498

What type of accommodation should you choose to stay in Nantes?

Students looking for student accommodation in Nantes outside the family home are looking primarily for a studio with an average rent of € 448 or a T1, a one-room apartment, with a average rent of € 603. Shared accommodation is also in great demand, since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more spacious and comfortable student apartment in Nantes.

FAQ on coliving in Nantes

🏙️ How to find your coliving in Nantes in a few clicks?

Check out our selection of verified coliving available in Nantes. Studapart really makes your search for coliving in Nantes easier thanks to the %count% proposed accommodations bookable from your sofa.

💶 What is the average rent of a coliving in Nantes?

The average price is 448€ for studios and 780€ for 2 rooms in Nantes.

🚀 How to book an accommodation in coliving in Nantes?

To book a coliving in Nantes with Studapart, nothing could be easier! Register on, apply, book in Nantes. Get an answer within 72h maximum guaranteed.

✨ How to get my housing subsidies for a coliving in Nantes?

Test your eligibility with your CAF Nantes or register on Studapart to benefit from our housing assistance service. Most of the %count% accommodations available on Studapart are subsidized and therefore eligible for housing financial assistance (such as APL, ALS or ALF).

🙌🏼 How to find a coliving in Nantes without a guarantor?

To find a coliving in Nantes without a guarantor, register on Studapart and activate a Guaranteed Profile.