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How to find accommodation in Rennes, a city that welcomes nearly 70,000 students looking for a student room? From student residence, studio, to shared accommodation and private rooms, discover the full range of student accommodation offered by Studapart.

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How to find accommodation in Rennes, a city that welcomes nearly 70,000 students looking for a student room? From student residence, studio, to shared accommodation and private rooms, discover the full range of student accommodation offered by Studapart. 




Student housing at the heart of the city



Student housing Rennes


Rennes, a booming college town

Rennes is the capital of Brittany and is one of the main driving forces in Western France, along with Bordeaux and Nantes. It has about 220,000 inhabitants and is one of the top 10 most populated French cities. 


Rennes is a real college city, with more than 50 schools and universities. Many university courses are thus offered to students, who can follow courses in business, engineering, med, literature and arts. For example, there is the Rennes School of Business or the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique


Rennes is a city that attracts more and more students and workers. Rennes is often spoken as one of the most pleasant cities in France. Unemployment rate in Rennes is 2 points lower than the national average. The professional integration of students is much easier in Rennes than anywhere else in France.

Rennes is a young and dynamic city. 35% of Rennes residents are under 30 year old, compared to 25% in the rest of France.


Studying in this Breton city is very pleasant. 92% of students say they are satisfied with their studies in Rennes. The living environment in Rennes is much appreciated. The historical city centre and its old half-timbered buildings attract many tourists every year. It is a lively city, with many markets and festivals. Sport is also highlighted in Rennes with many accessible leisure activities. The city has a specific 3-day welcome program in store for students. Cultural and festive activities punctuate this programs, allowing new students to easily integrate. Regarding transportation, Rennes advocates soft mobility. Its 600km of cycle paths make it one of the greenest cities in the world. A very affordable bike pass is also available for students. Its public transport network is very efficient. Rennes is also an easily accessible city thanks to its airport and TGV station. It takes less than 1h30 to connect Rennes and Paris by TGV. 


It has always been very difficult to find accommodation in Rennes. Despite this, the rent remains affordable. The surrounding large cities such as Bordeaux and Nantes are more expensive than Rennes. The difficulty comes from the very high demand in Rennes. It is an increasingly popular city. As for student housing in Rennes, the market is also tight. It is difficult for students to find a rental, but Studapart is there to help make their search easier.


In 2019, nearly 20,000 students worked with Studapart to find a student apartment in Rennes outside the family home. So what types of accommodation are these French and international students looking for? What is the average budget for a student rental in Rennes? In which districts? Studapart answers all these questions for you. 

What average surface for student accommodation in Rennes? 

1 to 2 room apartments are the most researched for student housing 


1- to 2-room apartments share more than two-thirds of the student housing market in Rennes. Rooms in private homes and shared apartments are very popular in Rennes. 25% of students choose to share a flat in Rennes, which is much more than in other cities.



What kind of place should I choose for my student accommodation in Rennes? 

Studios are on top of the list 


As stated earlier, students looking to rent accommodation in Rennes are looking for individual studios (38%) or 2 rooms (25%) as a priority. Many of them would like to live in the south and west of the city. These districts are where most higher education institutions are located -  Rennes School of Business and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique are there, for example. The Villejean district is the most popular. Most of the housing in this neighbourhood is in student residences or shared accommodation. Students who prefer a private student apartment in Rennes turn to the city centre instead. There are more studios and apartments in the city centre than in the outskirts, but the rent is higher. 

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Rennes?  

Students will have to plan on average €481 for a rental in Rennes


The average budget of a student in Rennes is €516. It is at the level of the provincial average (€518). This is lower than a student's budget in major French cities such as Paris (€821) and Bordeaux (€615). The average budget of student in Rennes is higher than the average rent in the city. The market is therefore relatively dynamic. But the supply is not always sufficient to meet the demand. This partly explains the success of university residence rooms in Rennes. Among the Breton cities, it is in Rennes that the rent is the most expensive. For example, the average rent for student accommodation in Brest is €411, 15% less than in Rennes. But the other Breton cities do not benefit from the economic and academic advantages of Rennes. Some students who seek accommodation in Rennes for their studies find accommodation in the inner suburbs where rents are more affordable. The cities of Cesson-Sévigné and Pacé for instance, are interesting alternatives. 


Who are the guarantors of students in Rennes? 

Family acts as a guarantor in most cases


It is difficult to rent as a student in Rennes without having solid guarantees. Therefore, the student's family guarantees the student in Rennes 81% of the time. In a few cases, some students (5%) ask their friends to vouch for them, while others (9%) have no guarantor at all. 5% of students rely on state mechanisms as an alternative to the guarantor. More than 200 of the students who are looking for student accommodation in Rennes use the Studapart Certification to strengthen their application and reassure landlords. 

Where do students in Rennes come from? 

A high rate of international students


Studies show that Rennes attracts a large number of international students. It is one of the most attractive French cities for students from abroad. The city has recently worked in this direction to ensure their rapid and effective integration. The schools also offer many courses adapted for international students. For example, more than 55% students in Rennes School of Business are international students. It also has Summer Schools lasting a few weeks to introduce them to student life in Rennes. More than a hundred nationalities are represented. The French students studying in Rennes come from Brittany. But more and more Parisian students are seduced by this Breton city. Especially knowing that thanks to high speed trains, they don’t need to travel too far from home to study in Rennes. 



How to book student accommodation in Rennes using Studapart? 

Studapart offers more than 10000 student dwellings in Rennes


Due to its student population, thousands of students have to find their student apartment in Rennes every year. This isn’t always easy. Some students want to live in the periphery of Rennes. But a majority of students are looking for their studio or shared flat in the center. 


They can easily find student accommodation in Rennes using Studapart. Studapart has been a student rental specialist for 5 years and offers students an online housing platform dedicated to them. The platform has offers of studios, shared apartments, homestays and apartments in student residences in Rennes. Studapart allows them to book their student apartment in Rennes online, with or without visiting the place. They can also purchase their home insurance at the time of booking. A multilingual support team (French, English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese) is available 6 days a week to guide them. The team can also assist them in their exchanges with lessors if necessary. 


Students from Rennes might sometimes be required to change cities several times during their studies due to internships or international exchanges they may have to carry out during their course. Studapart offers them a fast, smart and smooth rent experience. With Studapart, they can quickly book turnkey accommodation from thousands of verified student accommodation offers. Studapart also offers them seamless support - whether before and after the booking process. 


At Studapart, we believe in a simpler and more personal rent experience. On a daily basis, we work to facilitate access to housing for French and international students. 


What benefits do students gain from using Studapart? 

Studapart makes the search for accommodation easier and has exclusive offers in store

What do students in Rennes gain from using the Studapart housing platform? 


A 100% secure platform
Studapart evaluates the authenticity of ads and user profiles. We encourage rental companies to make our students happy with a good response rate, a complete profile and quality accommodation. Our team is there to support you along the way. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we will do everything in our power to find you another place. 

The Studapart Guarantee
No guarantor? No issues. When you book your student accommodation, you can subscribe to the Studapart guarantee. Studapart will then act as your guarantor for the whole duration of your stay. The Studapart Guarantee will allow you to reassure your landlord and rent any home on the platform. 


The Studapart Certification
As it is difficult to find a student rental in Rennes without a French guarantor, Studapart offers international students a way of certifying the creditworthiness and authenticity of their guarantors' supporting documents. This way, international students in Rennes will have their rental application reinforced. The Studapart Certification will allow you to search for accommodation on Studapart, but also on any other property rental sites and/or directly with landlords, student residences or real estate agencies.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Rennes?

For the most part, students looking for student accommodation in Rennes are looking for studios from € 371 to € 471

What type of accommodation should you choose to stay in Rennes?

Students looking for student accommodation in Rennes outside the family home are looking primarily for a studio with an average rent of € 421 or a T1, a one-room apartment, with a average rent of € 558. Shared accommodation is also in great demand, since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more spacious and comfortable student apartment in Rennes.

FAQ on student accommodations in Rennes

🏙️ How to find your student accommodation in Rennes in a few clicks?

Check out our selection of verified student accommodations available in Rennes. Studapart really makes your search for student accommodations in Rennes easier thanks to the %count% proposed accommodations bookable from your sofa.

💶 What is the average rent of a student accommodation in Rennes?

The average price is 421€ for studios and 728€ for 2 rooms in Rennes.

🚀 How to book an accommodation in student accommodation in Rennes?

To book a student accommodation in Rennes with Studapart, nothing could be easier! Register on, apply, book in Rennes. Get an answer within 72h maximum guaranteed.

✨ How to get my housing subsidies for a student accommodation in Rennes?

Test your eligibility with your CAF Rennes or register on Studapart to benefit from our housing assistance service. Most of the %count% accommodations available on Studapart are subsidized and therefore eligible for housing financial assistance (such as APL, ALS or ALF).

🙌🏼 How to find a student accommodation in Rennes without a guarantor?

To find a student accommodation in Rennes without a guarantor, register on Studapart and activate a Guaranteed Profile.