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How to find a furnished studio in Angers?

How to find a furnished studio in Angers, of which 40 000 of the inhabitants are students? Starting your studies in Angers? Studapart helps you find your future furnished studio in just a few clicks! Read more

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Find a furnished studio in Angers


How to find a furnished studio in Angers, of which 40 000 of the inhabitants are students? Starting your studies in Angers? Studapart helps you find your future furnished studio in just a few clicks! 



Your future furnished studio awaits you in Angers 





Angers, the plant capital


Angers is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, all the way to the west on the map of France. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and currently includes more than 68 communes, which has about 300,000 inhabitants. Angers Loire Métropole, Loir en Anjou, Loire-Authion Valley, and Brissac-Loire Aubance are communities of communes that best represent tourism in Angers. Crossed by La Maine, Angers is a competitive cluster, punctuated by its territorial economy, its plant heritage, and its global tourist appeal.


It is more than one million tourists who each year decide to visit the city, thanks to its geographical location in particular. The city is located only 1h30 from Paris.


Angers is the "greenest" city in France, also nicknamed the Vegetal Capital. A natural park is now taking its place in the city's already tree-laden landscape.


Angers, again this year, is in the top 10 of the best student cities ranking, at 11th place. In the city, it is more than 650 courses offered and the capital of Anjou always attracts more students, with an increase of more than 5% with over 40,000 students in 2020.



You have to get up early to find a furnished studio} find a furnished studio Angers, we are talking about a housing shortage 



They say there is a shortage housing when there is more demands than offers}. In Angers, there are few advertisements of furnished studios. To be comfortable, we advise you to start your research some time the scheduled date of your installation.


As in nearly 60% of cities in France, Angers suffers from a very strong and even extreme shortage of furnished accommodation: there is at least twice as much demand as supply.

There are approximately between 2 and 4 times more demands than offers of furnished studios in Angers.


You want to settle in Angers? Easily find your furnished studio with Studapart!



Renting a furnished studio is a good idea for a young student who is moving into their first individual accommodation. Financially, these are generally the most interesting accommodations for a young person and the opportunity to become independent. Studapart supports you in the search for your first furnished studio thanks to thousands of offers available.


Before you start your search, ask yourself about your daily needs and habits. This is the assurance of making the best choice in terms of location and amenities (transport, food stores, gym, etc.).

  • In Angers, 50% of the apartments available for rent are furnished studios

  • Each year more than 40 000 students are settling in Angers


What surface for a furnished studio in Angers ? 



In Angers, the furnished studios available for rent are between 20sq.m. 


In Angers, we count 10% of new housing. 


How much is the rent for a furnished studio in Angers? 



To rent a furnished studio in Angers, expect on average 350€/month. 


Remind yourself, according to certain criteria, the rent of your furnished studio can be more or less expensive. It is necessary to take into account its surface, its geographical location, the type of construction, the quality of the furniture...


A few tips before renting your furnished studio in Angers



One of the most important criteria to take into account before renting a furnished studio is its geographical location. To define the ideal location, locate on a map your place of work/study, transport, your places of leisure... A way to make sure that you will feel comfortable at home in Angers.





The furnished lease contract, how does it work?



Renting a furnished studio requires signing a suitable rental contract with the owner, here: the furnished lease contract. The rules to be observed under this contract are different from those for an empty dwelling:


  • You sign for a rental of at least one year (or 9 months if you are a student).

  • You have a minimum of 3 months to leave the apartment if the owner asks you to leave.

  • You have 1 month minimum to leave the apartment if you decide to leave.

  • You owe a maximum of 2 months' rent in advance to the landlord upon signing the contract.


Your furnished studio in Angers at your fingertips with Studapart!



Studapart provides you with more than 1 000 ads of furnished studios in Angers 



What if you found your future furnished studio in Angers today with Studapart? Studapart makes it easy for you to rent and helps you find your next furnished studio in Angers in the blink of an eye. Can't visit before choosing? Don't panic, rent safely among the thousands of verified ads from Studapart.Don't worry about your home insurance, Studapart offers you one when you book.Our experts accompany you throughout the week (except Sundays) in your rental process, in several languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin).Here or elsewhere, you no longer have to worry about your accommodation rentals thanks to Studapart.


At Studapart, we do everything to make your rental easy and secure. Our desire is to facilitate your accommodation to facilitate your travels.

Maëlle M.

Brand manager

Frequently asked questions

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Angers?

For the most part, students looking for student accommodation in Angers are looking for studios from € 349 to € 449

What type of accommodation should you choose to stay in Angers?

Students looking for student accommodation in Angers outside the family home are looking primarily for a studio with an average rent of € 399 or a T1, a one-room apartment, with a average rent of € 531. Shared accommodation is also in great demand, since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more spacious and comfortable student apartment in Angers.

FAQ on furnished studios in Angers

🏙️ How to find your furnished studio in Angers in a few clicks?

Check out our selection of verified furnished studios available in Angers. Studapart really makes your search for furnished studios in Angers easier thanks to the %count% proposed accommodations bookable from your sofa.

💶 What is the average rent of a furnished studio in Angers?

The average price is 399€ for studios and 711€ for 2 rooms in Angers.

🚀 How to book an accommodation in furnished studio in Angers?

To book a furnished studio in Angers with Studapart, nothing could be easier! Register on, apply, book in Angers. Get an answer within 72h maximum guaranteed.

✨ How to get my housing subsidies for a furnished studio in Angers?

Test your eligibility with your CAF Angers or register on Studapart to benefit from our housing assistance service. Most of the %count% accommodations available on Studapart are subsidized and therefore eligible for housing financial assistance (such as APL, ALS or ALF).

🙌🏼 How to find a furnished studio in Angers without a guarantor?

To find a furnished studio in Angers without a guarantor, register on Studapart and activate a Guaranteed Profile.