Finding student accommodation in Angers

Angers is a city located in the West of France, between Paris and Nantes. This location makes it extremely dynamic. Angers is experiencing economic and demographic growth that is hard to beat in any other French city. The angevin population is composed of about 150 000 people. It has a large number of higher education institutions that train no less than 35,000 students every year. These institutions are the University of Angers, ESSCA, the Catholic University of Angers and ESAIP. The latter is located in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou. During their studies, students are confronted with the search for student accommodation in Angers. It has become increasingly difficult for students from Anjou to find their own studio or shared flat. With Studapart, they can book in a few clicks their accommodation rented by a private individual or their room in a student residence in Angers.