COVID-19 : how to manage unpaid bills?

First, know that our team is mobilized to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to tell us about your situation. We settle the majority of bad debts amicably; this is the solution that allows us to arrive at a rent payment in the majority of cases.



How do you report an unpaid rent claim when you benefit from the Studapart Unpaid Rent Guarantee?


Do you benefit from the Studapart Unpaid Rent Guarantee, in partnership with Allianz? Complete the claim procedure as soon as possible:


  • Within 20 days after the end of the first unpaid: send a reminder letter to the tenant by mail.
  • Within 35 days: send a letter of formal notice to the tenant by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR)
  • Within 40 days: declare and send your complete claim file to Allianz's Assignee Broker called Insured. To do this, go to the dedicated platform: Here
  • In the 50 days following the first unpaid termthe Delegated Broker will take charge of the file by referring a bailiff. The latter will send a direct order to your tenant to obtain payment. If the situation evolves on your side (eg: you receive payments from the tenant), you will have to inform them.

Need help in your formalities? Contact us: 


? If you have not taken out the Studapart Guarantee and you are in a bad debt situation, we advise you to follow the government instructions below: Here


My tenant has still not arrived in France, can I activate the Studapart Guarantee?


With borders currently closed, some international tenants who were about to move to France find themselves temporarily stranded, unable to begin their rental.


Note that the Studapart Guarantee, in partnership with Allianz, only covers unpaid rent from a tenant who occupies the accommodation. It cannot therefore be activated in this case.


If you are in this situation, we advise you to contact your tenant as soon as possible to study their situation, and to agree on a decision together:



Does the Studapart Guarantee cover unpaid rent following an early departure?


Currently, departures are unfortunately anticipated and unforeseen. The rental deficiency caused by such a departure cannot be associated with a case of unpaid rent since the tenant no longer occupies the accommodation, and this for cases of force majeure.


In these circumstances, we advise you to ask the tenant to pay the rent until the end of the departure notice period, or to make a deduction from the security deposit.


? If you have a loan on this property, you can contact your bank advisor: a deferral can help you overcome a rental shortfall.


Whatever solution is chosen, we ask you to communicate well with each other, and with us if necessary. The situation is unprecedented, and the time has come for solidarity and empathy on the part of each of us.

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