Lockdown : can you still move out?

Lockdown measures related to the Coronavirus outbreak raise questions about the possibility of moving in your new accommodation in the near future. Should your arrival date be maintained, postponed or should you cancel your booking? Here’s an overview of what you can do. 

Is it allowed to move out during lockdown? 


The government recommends postponing moving where possible, and states that moving is permitted only when strictly necessary. Moving during lockdown is therefore possible but will be a little more complicated than usual. Renters and tenants will have to agree together depending on their situation, and arrange to maintain the date or set a new one. 


What are valid reasons for moving out/in? 


Moving should be allowed if : 


  •  your previous rental contract has come to an end  
  •  you have already given notice of your leave and have a deadline for leaving your current place
  •  you have already signed your new contract. 

You can sign your rental contract remotely upon the date of your arrival. This way, you will be able to show your signed rental contract in the event of a check-up, and having already signed the contract will reduce opportunities for a physical contact when moving in. 


? You can sign your contract electronically by exchanging a scan of your signed copy by email or in PDF format through Studapart’s messenger. 

How to arrange the move in compliance with sanitary measures? 


The attestation de déplacement dérogatoire that you have to carry to justify your whereabouts does not include move-outs. A declaration on honour must therefore be completed and signed, stating the date of the move, the address of departure and the address of arrival in the new accommodation. You must carry it with you during your move and have your ID with you. 


Since family or friends gatherings are impossible, you cannot call on your friends or relatives to help you with your move unless they are in lockdown in the same household as you. It is clear that things will be easier if you move into a furnished home, with few boxes and you already have means of transport planned. 


Note that many moving companies have ceased operations, as moving trips are considered non-essential transportation. Some companies stay active by adapting their methods of operation, but you will have to plan beforehand to find a company that agrees to work with you. 

How do I arrange a contactless check-in? 


If the landlord doesn't come


The landlord can send the tenant a sample document for inventory of fixtures, as well as his copy of the same pre-filled document. With these documents, the tenant can carry out the inventory of fixtures on his own by filling out his copy of the inventory of fixtures and taking pictures to support it. You can call each other while doing the inventory of fixtures to go through each item together, and send each other your signed copy once the inventory of fixtures is completed. 


Regarding handing over the keys, if the previous tenant has left or will leave the premises soon, he can leave the keys to a caretaker or a trustworthy person in the vicinity for the next tenant to pick them up. If the landlord already has the keys, he can send them by registered mail either to the tenant's current address, to the caretaker of the building or to a trustworthy person nearby. 


? In some cities, key deposit services such as Keycafe are available. Generally, lockers are located in establishments that are allowed to remain open during lockdown, such as supermarkets or laundromats.


If the landlord is compelled to come


In this particular context, landlords shouldn't normally come along for check-in. But he may not have a choice, especially if he has no other means of handing over the keys. 


In this case, go to the place in the smallest group possible : only the tenant and the landlord. Carry your declaration on honour and your rental contract with you, as they may be asked of you in the event of an inspection. 



Barrier measures to apply


Avoid physical contact

Don't shake hands, avoid handing over documents or keys in person : prefer placing them on a previously cleaned surface. 



Take sanitary precautions

If possible, wear gloves and a mask. Do not touch your face and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at the beginning and end of the check-in. 



Keep distance
Keep at least 1 meter from each other. Avoid being in the same room, rather take turns in each room. 



Stay connected
Distancing measures can be unsettling, so be all the more compassionate. We can still smile at each other, and talk more freely about what could not be said face to face by text or over the phone afterwards.



How to postpone or cancel my booking with Studapart? 


If you think it is better to postpone the date of arrival or even cancel the reservation, contact us at support@studapart.com: we will take care of postponing payments or applying refunds on a case-by-case basis. 


Postponing the check-in


If you would like to postpone the date of check-in, we will make sure the payment of the first month's rent happens on the new date chosen. If you have already signed the rental contract, you can destroy it and edit a new one with the correct date, or wait until the moment of check-in to sign the contract. 

Cancelling your booking 


We don't know for sure how long lockdown will last. If you prefer to cancel your booking, we will refund all booking fees. Know that you can cancel your booking and re-book with the same landlord in a few weeks time, when conditions are more favourable. 


Cancellation policy


The Covid-19 outbreak and related measures are a case of force majeure. Our cancellation conditions for force majeure are the following: 


  • More than 30d before lease's start date: refund of first rent, booking fees and Studapart Guarantee fees. 
  • Less than 30d before lease's start date: refund of first rent, booking fees and Studapart Guarantee fees. 
  • After lease's start date: refund of booking fees and Studapart Guarantee fees. 


No matter the solution you choose, please do communicate well with your landlord, and with us if necessary. The situation is unprecedented, and it is time for solidarity and empathy on part of us all. The whole team stays mobilized to support you. ?? 


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