Manage your rental on tape!

2020 is a turning point in the way we rent. At the moment, travelling is limited and physical apartment visits are difficult to arrange. While the situation will evolve, social distancing and travel difficulties are making online accommodation booking a norm. In this context, Studapart suggests filming your apartment, to help virtual visits or a remote inventory of fixtures.  


1- To start with: preparing the place


  • Tidy and clean up. It might seem obvious, but it does make a difference! You can even go further and stage the rooms: setting the table in the kitchen for example, to make it even more real. 


  • Open the curtains and shine the light. Film preferably during the day, in natural light. Mornings are often ideal. You can also play with lighting, and bring a higher quality to your video. 


  • Avoid showing people on your video. Prefer a quiet moment where you are alone in your home, if possible. If you have pets, try not filming them. Take care not to film yourself in the mirrors. 


  • Plan the order of the visit, so you don’t need to move back and forth. This will allow to have a clear vision of the rooms layout. Open all doors so you don’t have to do so during the tour. 


? Tip : start from the outside (if you have a terrace, a courtyard...). Then carry on with the entrance, living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom... If you have other rooms (cellar, attic...) show them if they are furnished and functional. 


2- Filming your place


  • Take a smartphone or tablet. Switch to video mode and film horizontally. With a wide angle, the future tenant will have an overview of the different volumes. Remember to switch to airplane mode to avoid notifications or calls.  


  • Scan the space, starting from corners. Hold your smartphone or tablet with both hands and place it at eye level. Start at the corners to get a full view of the space. 


  • Film in one go. Once started, film the entire place in one take. This will allow visualizing the layout of rooms. Avoid video editing.


  • Don't move too fast. Walk at a moderate pace to let the viewer time to discover the accommodation. Find the right balance in terms of speed so it doesn’t get boring!


  • No sound or comments on your video. Focus on the what matters: the visual quality of your video. 


  • Make the place stand out. Nice view? Special equipment (kitchen, TV, overhead projector...) ? Put them forward. Small details make a big difference! 


 ?Tip : avoid tremors and sudden movements to offer a pleasant visit! Make a stop in each room by sweeping the space from left to right, or vice versa. 


In a nutshell


  • Tidy up, open the curtains and doors before filming. 
  • Use a smartphone or tablet, in landscape mode
  • No sound or comments are necessary
  • Show all rooms, at a moderate speed



? Did you knowThe video of a 2-room apartment shouldn't last more than a minute! 


Once you have shot your video, email it to us at : we will take care of uploading it on the platform. 

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