Pitch night at Studapart, a look back at the event

Studapart is sponsoring the new promotion of BtoC entrepreneurs of the startup accelerator Wilco. The objective: to challenge their operational teams, help them solve concrete business challenges and boost them with good advice.

2 pairs of French entrepreneurs from the accelerator came to pitch their project in our premises. The opportunity to interact with the team over a cocktail, but above all to discuss and challenge each other's issues.

Brigitte.tv and Qiip cool,


First pair to enter the stage: Brigitte.tv. A video-shopping application that offers a daily live appointment, to playfully showcase inspiring products and tips for 15-34 year olds. A pitch animated by the two co-founders: one formerly being an actor and the second formerly employed at Google and Facebook.



The second crew: Qiip.cool. An alternative to the bank card to support children towards their financial independence! A fun, customizable and secure payment method. Parents can also make payments and keep tabs on children's spending through a mobile app. The ingenious initiative of 2 entrepreneurial dads.



An inspiring evening punctuated by laughter and debates, which marks the first in a long series at Studapart!

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