Studapart and La Relève are partners to facilitate your access to housing!

Housing, a brake on hypermobility

Internship, work-study program, professional mobility… Students and young workers have to change more and more housing, for ever shorter periods. These nomads seek to find accommodation according to new criteria: a fast and fluid experience, turnkey accommodation. For international profiles, specific issues are added: language barriers, visas, rental files, guarantors ...

So how can we ensure that access to housing is never an obstacle to the academic and / or professional paths of these profiles? 

Studapart x La Releve


A partnership as a solution


Studapart has decided to join forces with La Relève, today the leader in the recruitment of students and young graduates in France. "It is very important to us that candidates are never again obliged to refuse certain offers for lack of accommodation." - Johan Luparello, in charge of the partnership.

Both convinced that the success of a professional experience depends as much on the experience itself as on the conditions in which you live, the two startups are committed to supporting you and making the procedures easier for you so that you no longer have to be subject to barriers to entry.


What is La Relève


Founded in 2014, La Relève is today the leader in recruiting students and young graduates (0 to 5 years of experience) in France. La Relève supports more than 900 companies (mainly start-ups, very small businesses and SMEs) in their recruitment of interns, work-study students and junior CDI profiles. La Relève is in constant contact with thousands of students and junior profiles from the best training in business, management, digital communication, web development.

In 2018, more than 400 students and more than 100 junior profiles found the job of their dreams thanks to the La Relève team of around ten people. Present mainly in Paris, 2020 is an opportunity for La Relève to open up to several cities in France and to embark on new projects such as the opening of new offices abroad.

How it works ?

Log on to, create your account and update your accommodation search. The Studapart and La Relève teams are there to support you.

It's your turn !

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