Turnkey housing thanks to our partner Ameublys

At Studapart, more than 80% of tenants do their research among furnished accommodation. They are particularly popular with students, professionals on the move, expatriates and tourists


Tenants increasingly want to move into turnkey housing, where they just have to put down their suitcases. They only fall in love with an apartment if they can see themselves in itt: this requires landlords to make their property more attractive. And that's all the better: housing is too often approached without humanity or innovation. At Studapart, we strongly defend what we call the culture of better housing. Renting is a lifelong experience, and it has to be a positive experience. This starts by moving into a home in which you feel good.


Ameublys et Studapart

Many owners are considering transforming their property. To meet this demand, and also because the taxation is more flexible in furnished ones. But successful transformations take a huge, sometimes overwhelming, investment of time and money. 

Two realities to which Ameublys has been able to respond. A pioneer in its sector, this furniture player offers individuals a 360 ° solution: choice of furniture, financing, delivery, installation ... At the heart of this astonishing formula, furniture kits at attractive prices corresponding to the surface area and use of each property: studio, student accommodation, one-bedroom, three-bedroom ... Support is provided from start to finish: Ameublys supplies the furniture and takes in charge of delivery, assembly and even the cleaning after installation, leaving the apartment immediately ready to be rented. 



Ameublys, our partner, shares the same modern vision of rental and offers Studapart owners a 10% reduction on their service!

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