[WEBINAR] 2023: finding an apartment in a few clicks!

The back-to-school season is approaching, and you're looking for an apartment? Lost in a sea of options, feeling a bit alone, and have many questions? Our webinars are perfect for you!


Webinar 2023


A one-hour online webinar where we share all our secrets and tips for quickly and smoothly finding your accommodation.

👨‍🍳️ On the menu :
We will cover key topics for your housing search:

  • When is the best time to search and how to go about it?
  • How to stand out and quickly find your accommodation with Studapart?
  • What are the essential steps once you're in the apartment (inventory, home insurance...)?

And as a bonus? A completely open question-and-answer session.


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4 sessions

  • Monday, June 5th
  • Monday, June 19th
  • Wednesday, July 5th
  • Thursday, July 17th
  • Monday, August 7th at 5:00 PM!


Free registration, limited spots available. Don't wait:


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Go further... Your housing search with Studapart

At Studapart, we wake up every morning to make rentals a positive life experience, regardless of their duration. Fair and efficient experience, where everyone is in control of their rental. To achieve this, we create a common culture for landlords and tenants : the culture of better housing.


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Experience a better way of renting!

  • Streamlined steps
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  • Seamless support, even after booking