Arranging your office for teleworking: 5 tips

Whether we are at work surrounded by our colleagues or at home, we all want to evolve in an ideal setting and in good conditions. With the democratization of teleworking due to the pandemic, it is increasingly common to work from home. To adapt and create a personal and pleasant space, Studapart has prepared five tips that will help you set up your office well for zen teleworking.

Telecommuting and Home office: what is the difference?


First of all, let's make the difference between telecommuting and home office! Even though these two terms can be confusing and seem to mean the same thing, the principle for each is nevertheless different.


Telecommuting by definition corresponds to the fact of working voluntarily and regularly outside the headquarters of the employer's company. It is governed by the law of March 23, 2012 and is part of the labor code. In general, it is as possible to telecommute from a café as from home. Also called “remote work”, that carried out from home will be more preferred because it is more practical.


The home office, which can be translated as “home office” refers to remote work, but in a more punctual way. It is not regulated and can take place over several days or on a particular day for various reasons such as a transport strike, the intervention of an electrician, etc. It is the result of an agreement between employee and employer which does not require the establishment of a contract.



How to set up your office for telecommuting?


Now that you know how to clearly distinguish between these two modes of remote work, it's time to think about choosing and setting up your workspace. The latter should allow you to be productive and optimal in your tasks and should not be restrictive!


First of all, it would be ideal to determine the location of your workspace. Whether in your bedroom, in your living room or in a dedicated room, you prefer a quiet place away from all distractions. These distractions include a television on, a washing machine, or any other source of disruptive noise. If the area of ​​your home is limited, you can set up your office in a dedicated corner of your bedroom or living room. A desk can be improvised almost anywhere so don't hesitate to use your imagination!


And to be sure you have found the perfect “spot”, think about the brightness of the space. A good orientation towards the window optimizes natural lighting and will help you to concentrate better. Prefer the desk placed next to the window to avoid being dazzled by too strong a sun. If you put your back to it, the light of day could reflect on your screen and disturb you.



The 5 essential equipment for teleworking in good conditions


Now it's time to move on to the layout, the goal being a functional, operational and above all, pleasant workspace. It's time for you to let your artistic side express itself!



Good light


As seen just now, the key to an optimized workspace is its brightness. While it is true that natural light is important, so is artificial light. It is very likely that in your search for an office corner, you could not find a location near a window, lack of space. In this case, to be sure not to have to work in the dark, a lamp will be of great help.


Several light sources are possible, so do not hesitate to play lights. Your essential number 1 will be the desk lamp! When the sun sets more quickly in winter, for example, it will become your best ally and allow you to finish your tasks without the slightest problem.


Your work tools


If you think you've found the perfect place to settle down, let's move on! Before thinking about any layout, one of our valuable tips is to think about everything you will need to work effectively. By having all these elements in mind, it will be easier for you to arrange your office accordingly. To guide you, here is a non-exhaustive list of the tools you may need:


  • a good internet connection
  • pens, markers, ruler
  • a computer
  • a phone
  • briefcases, binders
  • a headphone
  • a printer, etc.


If your little list is ready, you can already install these work tools on your desk or around you, at your fingertips. Note that the internet connection and the computer are the most important elements: ensuring their proper functioning will never be too much.


An optimal seat


Now, to make yourself comfortable, what better than a suitable seat? The chair is where you're going to spend most of your day, so it's only natural that it's comfortable for you. If possible, an office chair will be the best option. It is comfortable, has armrests, allows you to lean back, and its height is adjustable. Plus, with extra wheels, you'll be able to move around and perform other tasks while seated!


! Good to know: for better posture and better eye comfort, it is recommended that the feet touch the ground and that the computer screen is at eye level. To make this possible, do not hesitate to use a computer support and a footrest.


Functional storage


In order to arrange your office, you will also need various functional storage. Some desks already have built-in storage spaces such as shelves or drawers. If your office does not have one, now is the time to use your decorative ideas by arranging furniture or shelves all around or above.

These various storage units will be useful for classifying your files, your papers or the equipment you will use such as pens or markers. Always at hand, you will no longer have to look for them every day. You will also be much more organized when your files are stored in their designated place and you will have no trouble getting your hands on what you need.


One or two decorative items


You have everything at your disposal, so let your imagination run wild to brighten up your new work environment! To personalize it and make it pleasant, do not hesitate to decorate it according to your tastes.

You can opt for trinkets, family photos or original decorative objects. Do not hesitate to play on the colors, because some are known to influence our concentration:


  • red will boost your creativity and give you energy
  • the blue will be to appease you
  • yellow will stimulate your intellect
  • purple will serve you in your concentration


In addition to decorative objects, plants are also an alternative. An aesthetic asset in the layout of your office area, they will brighten up the space and they are known to improve morale. Whether hanging plants, large plants or smaller ones, the field of possibilities is wide!


With all these tips in hand, you can hope that your next day working from home will be a pleasant and productive one.




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