Decorating your rental apartment: what are your rights?

Have you just moved into a new home? As a tenant, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what types of work or amenities you are entitled to. So often, instead of giving free rein to our imagination, we restrict ourselves in terms of decoration. Know that it is however quite possible for you to add your touch of personality to the places, while taking into account certain rules. Thanks to our advice, Studapart gives you all the keys to feeling good at home!



Decorating your apartment when you are a tenant: how far can you go?


Until now, as a tenant you have surely imposed limits on the decoration of your apartment. The law regulates the work authorized by tenants within their accommodation.


The walls


If you have always found your walls too dull, too white, or if you wanted to repaint them without knowing whether you were allowed to do so or not, good news for you: yes, you have every right to repaint the walls of your apartment. !


Being counted among the simple arrangements, the modification of the paintings of the walls, the installation of wallpaper or the fact of drilling the walls are authorized. In these cases, the authorization of the owner is not necessary, as long as there is no transformation or damage to the habitability of the accommodation. You also have free rein with the wallpaper. If it is easily removable, it will not irreversibly transform the apartment.


To hang your shelves or your photo frames, you will no longer have to ask yourself any questions. Whether in the kitchen, in the living room, or in your bedroom, you can make as many holes in the walls as you wish, provided of course that you fill them up before handing over the accommodation and leave no trace behind!


! Good to know: the owner does not have the right to oppose the small works undertaken as long as they do not transform the rented apartment, the jurisprudence authorizing you to carry out them. Nor can he require the restoration of the places of exit.




Just like the walls, if the current floor of your apartment does not suit you or if you want to add a touch of originality, you have the right to do so. All coverings are possible, including carpet, parquet or PVC floors, as long as these do not affect the habitability of the premises or transform them. It is of course preferable to opt for a coating that will be easy to remove when the time comes. The apartment must not lose its value or its authenticity, and if you ever have any doubts, ask your landlord for permission.


Installation for people with reduced mobility


In the event of the presence in the apartment of people with reduced mobility such as an elderly person for example, the tenant is entitled, at his own expense, to produce development work. For this, it will be enough for him to make the request to the owner through a registered letter which will be addressed to him. To find out the details of the request and the work authorized, you can go to the public service website.


Heavy work


In addition to small works that do not require authorization, the tenant can also carry out major works that are likely to transform the rented apartment, both in its configuration and in its structure. For this, a written request will be sent to the owner. If he gives his authorization, he will not demand the return of the accommodation as it was originally. Among these works, we can count the reduction of a partition or the replacement of showers or bathtubs in the bathroom.



Decorating an apartment: what you cannot do as a tenant


You may have guessed it from the beginning of this article, but for some decorations you will need the permission of your landlord.


According to article 7 f of Law n°89-462 of July 6, 1989, "the tenant cannot transform the rented premises and equipment without the written agreement of the owner, regardless of whether the work unquestionably brings an improvement to the premises" . Thus, for all major works that involve a transformation of the rented premises, the authorization of the owner is essential. Without his agreement, he may claim the restoration of the accommodation. The owner can also keep the transformations without compensating you for the cost of the work. It is also understood that the decoration work must not jeopardize the proper functioning of the equipment or the safety of the premises.


In the context of paintings, there are also certain rules to know. As paneling and tiling are materials that are difficult to restore to their original appearance after a coat of paint, it is imperative that the owner's agreement is required before starting the work, even if the paint is suitable and to the tastes of the owner. day.


As for the floor covering, it will be necessary to pay attention to the carpet in particular because its installation can represent a transformation of the apartment.


So if you have ambitious decoration ideas, while making your plan, check if some will not need prior approval.




10 tips for decorating your rental apartment


Now that you know what you can or cannot do in terms of decoration, here are some tips that can be used to furnish your apartment as you wish!


1. Opt for furniture without fixing to the wall or holes


To avoid drilling the walls or making too many holes, several alternatives such as picture hangers or picture rails exist. Also try replacing all shelves with storage such as crates or baskets. Nothing more original!


2. Play on the varieties of lights and suspensions


The suspensions bring an aesthetic and original side to your apartment. Whether as decorative objects or as lighting fixtures, have fun choosing your pendant lights. As for lighting, there is something for every budget and every taste, so treat yourself.


3. Put your decorative objects and furniture against the wall


As an alternative to wall mounting, you can also place your paintings, vases, or mirrors on the floor, leaning against the wall. This is sure to add an artistic and bohemian side to your apartment. You can also use ladders or stepladders as shelves or bookcases in the form of stacked boxes.


4. Decorate your floors


If you want to bring a new look or originality to your floors, opt for large decorative rugs. If the floor is not to your liking, you can also lay clip-on PVC tiles or polypropylene vinyl mats which are not only aesthetic but effective and practical. You can deposit them without problems and they are available in any appearance!


5. Include floral decorations


To brighten up your interior without too much trouble, what better than plants? Natural or artificial, these can be slipped everywhere, as well in your kitchen as in your living room or your bathroom. Between green plants, bouquets of flowers or hanging plants, the choice is wide.


6. Bring a cocooning and original side


Cushions, plaids, or curtains are to be used without moderation, according to your preferences to feel at home. In addition to decorating the space of your bedroom or living room, they bring color and depth to it.


7. Makeover your kitchen


Among all the rooms in the house, it is essential to feel good in your kitchen, to prepare good meals in a practical way. Do not hesitate to give character to this room by changing the handles of the furniture or by replacing the credenza. There are adhesive splashbacks that are easy to place and non-binding. Your plates could very well also serve as decoration.


8. Separate spaces in style


If you want to divide the spaces of your home, partitions and canopies are there for that. Thanks to them, you can easily create new rooms without having to drill the floor or the ceiling. The rendering will be practical but harmonious at the same time.


9. Bring a touch of personalization to the walls


Between painting or wallpapering, you have free rein when it comes to decorating the walls. To bring more sophistication, do not hesitate to paint only a section of the wall to emphasize a specific part of the room. For wallpapers, there are today some that are non-woven and repositionable which will make it easier for you to put up and take down.


10. Reuse your old furniture


Even if you don't have old furniture, it's not too late to go to a flea market and touch up an old piece of furniture that will reflect your personality and your originality. It will do the trick in your bedroom or living room!

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