Rental repairs 2022: list of works for the tenant

Does your window no longer open? Is your sink clogged? Is your balcony covered in moss? A certain number of repairs are the responsibility of the tenant: this is called “rental repairs”. So, what are the works to be financed by the tenant? We tell you everything!


What is a rental repair? Definition


Decree No. 87-712 of August 26, 1987 specifies what is meant by the term “rental repair”:


“Rental repairs are routine maintenance work and minor repairs, including the replacement of items similar to said repairs, resulting from normal use of premises and equipment for private use. »


Throughout the duration of the rental, these repairs are your responsibility, on all parts of the accommodation (interior and exterior), as well as on the equipment that may be concerned.


Good to know: have the paint colors in your living room faded? The refurbishment to be given is the responsibility of your landlord. This is the case for all damage caused by obsolescence, but also for damage caused by force majeure. For example, if a storm damaged your fence, the owner will have to finance its repair. You will not be charged for any damage resulting from a case of force majeure, even if they are rental repairs.


What work is a tenant responsible for?


Here is the list of rental repairs for which you are responsible.


1.      Interior parts of housing


Inside your home, you must take care of maintenance and small repairs on:

  • Ceilings, walls and partitions: keeping clean, small paint patches, filling holes.
  • Floor coverings: waxing of the parquet, replacement of some boards if necessary, small fittings in the event of holes or stains on the carpet.
  • Cupboards and joinery: repair of cupboard closures, replacement of cleats and cupboard shelves.


Hint: is a washing machine, fridge or fireplace mentioned in your rental contract? Maintenance and minor repairs are your responsibility. This may also be the case of an extractor hood, a heat pump or even the windows and mirrors of the accommodation, for example.


2.    The doors and windows


The maintenance and proper functioning of doors and windows also depends on you:

  • Opening/closing mechanism: lubrication and replacement of small parts of locks, hinges and hinges, replacement of damaged or lost keys.
  • Windows: replacement of damaged or broken windows, repair of sealants.
  • Blinds and shutters: lubrication of the mechanism, replacement of small parts of the blind (rope, pulley, slats).


Good to know: the repair of the shutters is only your responsibility if their degradation is your fault. Otherwise, your landlord will pay for the repairs.


3.    Rental plumbing repairs


When you think of plumbing repairs, aside from a clogged sink, it's not easy to imagine the list of rental repairs that may concern you. And yet, there are quite a few other things to consider:

  • For water pipes: if necessary, you must ensure their disgorging and replacement of seals and collars.
  • For gas pipes: you are required to maintain the taps, siphons and ventilation openings, but also to change the flexible connection pipes as needed.
  • For sinks and sanitary appliances: you must take care of the cleaning of limescale deposits, as well as the replacement of flexible shower hoses.
  • For heating, hot water and taps: the annual maintenance of the boiler is to be paid by the tenant (unless the lease specifies otherwise). The sweeping of the smoke and gas evacuation ducts and the ventilation ducts is also due by the tenant. The same goes for the replacement of certain elements: pistons, valves, seals, probes, etc.
  • If there is a septic tank: emptying is your responsibility.


4.   Electricity


Certain items of electrical equipment also fall within the scope of rental repairs. You are therefore required to replace, if necessary:

  • bulbs and luminous tubes,
  • the switches,
  • power outlets,
  • circuit breakers and fuses,
  • protective rods or sheaths.


5.    External parts of the housing


Does your home have exteriors? Other rental repairs that may concern you:

  • The garden must be maintained: mowing the lawn, weeding the paths, pruning and watering the trees, shrubs and flower beds.
  • The gutters should be unclogged when needed.
  • The terrace and the awning must be cleaned regularly, to prevent moss or weeds from developing there.
  • The gate grating should be cleaned and greased.
  • The swimming pool and ponds must also be maintained.


Want to read all the small lines of the decree to be sure to find your precise situation? Go to the Legifrance website!

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