How to get a guarantor?

Maximize your chances of success in finding accommodation by finding a guarantor! A person around you or specialized organizations, there are many solutions. A brief overview of the concept of guarantor and the means to obtain them.


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How to get a guarantor for housing?


One of the first steps in finding accommodation is often to find a guarantor. Few owners agree to rent an apartment without guarantors. So how do you get a guarantor for housing ? It can be a person close to you or an organization specializing in rental surety (which designates the act of providing a guarantor).


Is it compulsory to have a guarantor?


A guarantor is a person, a group of people or an organization who agrees to pay your possible unpaid rents as part of a rental. This guarantor usually comes from your entourage, a relative or a friend. When signing the lease, you must add to the rental file a deposit deed signed by the guarantor.


Lease ? bail ? act? contract ? It's time to dwell on the real estate jargon:


  • The lease is the word used to designate the rental agreement that you sign with the owner or his representative, called the lessor or the lessor.
  • The guarantor deed (or guarantor bond) is the document on which your guarantor specifies the guaranteed amount and the duration of his surety.
  • The guaranteed amount represents the maximum amount that the guarantor undertakes to reimburse in the event of default.


Remember these expressions, you will hear them often.

Mandatory ? No. But essential ...


Strictly speaking, it is not compulsory in France to have a guarantor in order to be able to rent an apartment or a house. But it is necessary, not to say essential. The landlord (who will be called lessor at Studapart) wants above all to be certain that the rent will be paid every month, as well as the property charges (generally the maintenance costs of the building).


The landlord wants to be sure that recourse is possible if the tenant is ever unable to pay. Particularly in the case of students, who we know do not yet earn a lot of a living. In short, the appointment of a guarantor reassures the owner-lessor and strengthens your chances of finding accommodation quickly.


Simple or joint, which type of deposit should you choose?


In the deposit deed (this paper on which appear the commitments of the guarantor (s)) which appears in the rental file, the duration of the deposit and the guaranteed amount may be capped at a given period and at a sum, but these two points are generally considered to be unlimited: the rental deposit begins with the signing of the rental contract (the “lease”, as mentioned above) and expires at the end of the lease. And it is implicitly renewed when the lease itself is renewed.


The rental deposit can take two legal forms:


  • the simple deposit: in the event of unpaid rents, the lessor must initiate proceedings against the lessee (by sending him a registered letter). It then only addresses the guarantor in the event of no response.
  • joint deposit: the owner contacts the guarantor directly in the event of unpaid rents. This second form is the one preferred by landlords, because it simplifies the procedure. There is only one step, compared to two in the so-called simple deposit.



Should we ask a loved one to vouch as guarantor?


In 80% of cases, it is a relative of the tenant who assumes the role of guarantor: parents, family, friends, what real estate jargon calls a physical guarantor. It is easier to ask a loved one to vouch for the rental of an apartment or house, any difficulties being easier to resolve in a family circle.


This guarantor must above all be reliable. He must communicate to the owner the level of his income, by his payslips or his tax declaration. Usually, the landlord wants this income to be more than three times the amount of the rent.


Of course, it is not always easy to find a surety around you. This is why, in the absence of a physical guarantor, you can turn to a financial organization that offers solutions and can act as guarantor for a rental. You can contact a bank, or rental professionals such as Action Logement or Studapart.



What is the VISALE deposit by Action Logement?


Action Logement is an organization which since the 1950s has been working in real estate throughout France in the context of access to employment. Professional life is made up of developments, changes in positions and workplaces. The search for housing goes hand in hand with professional mobility and Action Logement strives to facilitate this relationship. The organization also manages the financing of the construction of social housing.


The Action Logement organization has set up the VISALE guarantee (Visa for housing and employment). This is a device that allows a tenant to benefit from an apartment or house guarantor. This deposit guarantees the landlord the payment of the rent and charges, including if the tenant encounters difficulties. The principle is to advance money to the tenant in case of need and to plan the repayment over the long term like a loan.



The VISALE guarantee by Action Logement is free. It is aimed at salaried professionals, students, apprentices, work-study students, up to the age of thirty. It is also open to employees over the age of thirty (CDI or CDD) as long as they work in a private company and the salary does not exceed € 1,500 per month. Whatever your situation, it may be interesting to make the request on the web page of the Action Logement site devoted to the VISALE guarantee.



An organization chosen as a guarantor rather than a relative strengthens the confidence of the owner-lessor, especially as he or she is probably familiar with this arrangement. He knows that until the end of the lease, charges and rent will be paid even in the event of payment difficulties by the occupant and that he is even covered in the event of damage. A considerable asset in the search for your rental.


How can Studapart stand surety?


At the time of your reservation, if your file is insufficient, the lessor has the option of including the Studapart Guarantee. In partnership with the Allianz insurance group, Studapart will then act as guarantor for you for the duration of your rental.


This scheme covers rents and charges that you may no longer be able to pay. It also covers any repair work following damage or the costs of legal recourse in the event of a dispute.


For the tenant, it is possible to have your rental file certified. This reassures rental companies and makes you more visible to them. The icing on the cake: you benefit from the Studapart Guarantee free of charge if the owner requests it at the time of booking.



To subscribe to the Guaranteed profile, it's very simple:


The guarantees offered by Studapart are all the more beneficial as they operate on the basis of joint and several guarantees, that is to say that the lessor knows that he will be able to contact this organization directly in the event of unpaid rents. .


The Guaranteed Profile is the ideal solution to strengthen your file and to maximize your chances of finding the accommodation of your dreams!

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