How to find a house to rent quickly?

The start of the school year is fast approaching and you still haven't found accommodation. Your requests for student residences have not been successful, due to lack of space. Or you have late enrolled in a university in a distant city that you know little about. For students, finding accommodation often becomes a race against time. For lack of a solution, you have to find a rental very quickly, but you don't have to do anything either. Studapart explains how to find an apartment quickly.

Find accommodation: learn to decipher the advertisements


Most rental properties can be found through the classifieds. These are available on the internet on the sites of real estate agencies or via individual-to-individual applications such as, Logic Immo or Pap Immobilier. But you can also find them on more general ad sites, in particular Le Bon Coin.


There are also a very large number of them at Studapart, which publishes thousands of rental ads every day in all the cities of France.


The announcements are not lacking, still it is necessary to read them well. From experience, we often notice a discrepancy between what we imagine when reading the ad and what we discover firsthand. It's not that the ad is strictly speaking misleading, but it tends to embellish reality.


First of all, check that the ad is correct. Since 2017 must appear on rental advertisements:

  • the surface of the property,
  • the town or district,
  • the amount of the rent, charges included,
  • details of rental charges,
  • the amount of the security deposit,
  • agency fees, if any.


If you read that the apartment or the house is in a “quiet area”, make sure that it is a peaceful place and not a boring area, far from everything, without commerce or public transport. commmon. If, on the contrary, it is a “busy area”, check that the animation is not due to intense and noisy traffic, and that you risk being woken up more often by horns than by your alarm clock.


As for the apartment itself, if its description is necessarily flattering on the advertisement, it does not often mention the level of cleanliness, the real luminosity, the proximity of the vis-à-vis, etc. Also beware of the declared surface, which does not always correspond to reality. You can ask the lessor to have the living area calculated by a diagnostician, according to the Carrez and Boutin laws.

Also beware of scams that abound on the web and in some "agencies" that are not really:

  • Never pay money up front. You also do not have to pay any “application fees” or the inventory. You will only pay the agency once you have signed the lease contract.
  • If the “agency” offers you a list of rental companies to contact, run away. This is not how professionals work. The list is probably fake or at best not updated (besides, a professional would always prefer to keep their contact list to themselves).

Word of mouth: using your own network for your housing search


Word of mouth is the easiest way to search for accommodation and find an apartment quickly. But there are many others: social networks, mobile applications, internet ads, housing agencies and professionals,


In the student world, information circulates very quickly… provided you formulate it. Do not hesitate to talk about your search for accommodation around you, in your circle of students, with your friends, in your family... It is often through this intermediary that you find the best deals, especially those of the famous " hidden market”, the one that frees itself from advertisements and agencies.


Other ways to find your accommodation

Social networks


The electronic extension of your social relations also has its role to play in your search for accommodation. You will find on Facebook groups dedicated to finding student accommodation in a particular region, for rent or shared accommodation. You can also post your search ad on Facebook and Twitter, in public mode to improve your chances of answers. Don't be passive, however. Improve your chances of success by consulting the groups where some students indicate that they have left their accommodation and that it is therefore free.



Several smartphone applications offer housing rental advertisements. Most of them are free (if you find paid ones, don't download them). The searches are targeted according to the criteria that you have previously entered and you can very quickly contact the agency or the owner of the property that interests you. Do not hesitate to download the, Logic Immo, Pap Immobilier applications among the best known.

General ad sites


In addition to the sites dedicated to finding accommodation mentioned above, you can also do your research on more generalist ad sites. One thinks in particular of Le Bon Coin which over the years has become essential in the field of real estate, so much so that professionals use it very frequently. There are therefore ads from agencies but also from individuals. Of course, some small scammers try to make a place for themselves in the sun. We must remain vigilant: do not pay anything in advance, and never sign before having visited the accommodation.


If you're short on time, you can also try reverse real estate ad sites like or (but there are plenty of others), where landlords and landlords are looking for their future tenants.

The real estate professional


You can call on an agency or a freelancer who will carry out most of the steps for you: finding accommodation, visits, inventory, etc. Exclusive search mandates are for a period of three months. You only pay when you have signed the rental contract and you are accommodated.

Trust Studapart to find accommodation quickly


And then there is Studapart, the student accommodation site that allows you to quickly find a studio, an apartment or even a house thanks to quality, verified ads from reliable rental companies and owners. Studapart offers you personalized support.


How it works ? By registering with Studapart, you can launch a search by detailing the criteria for the accommodation you are looking for: city, surface area, number of rooms, etc. Studapart immediately offers you a list of accommodation corresponding to your criteria.


Are you interested in one of the accommodations on offer? Studapart allows you to contact the renter or the owner directly through instant messaging. You can thus find out more about the accommodation, its condition, its location, its price. You can even arrange an appointment to visit it.


Next ? Once you have found the accommodation that suits you, you can proceed to payment securely on the Studapart website. No confusion. Everything is transparent and secure.


Studapart follows your file from start to finish, from your registration on the site to your installation. This support gives you maximum serenity, responsiveness and success in your search for accommodation. Many students (but also young workers or job seekers) have already used the services of Studapart

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