Finding Accommodation for an Internship: What You Need to Know


During your studies, you may find yourself doing internships or apprenticeships in order to complete your course. Finding these kinds of contracts always requires foresight and planning. Once you have familiarized yourself with the stipulations, dates, and details of your internship/apprenticeship, you can start looking into the type of job that you would like to experience. You have applied to several different companies that you are interested in, and attended several interviews. Finally, an employer has called you back and you have signed a contract or agreement for the position.


Now is the time to get practical! If the company that is hosting you isn't close by then it's necessary to find accommodation for this period of time in order to make travelling easier and to be able to focus on your new responsibilities. Studapart has some great advice and opportunities for finding accommodation during either an internship or apprenticeship - let's get into it!



How to Find Accommodation for a Short Time?


Finding accommodations for short periods of time can sometimes be a tricky task. Formal leases usually bind you to stay for at least nine months (if you are a student) or one year. If your apprenticeship lasts for one year, then a formal lease should do the job. However, internships usually last for less than a year, so in that case it's necessary to look into a short-term or medium-term lease agreement. In this situation, there are several solutions available: 


  • First is seasonal renting, which lets you rent out a place for anywhere from a few days up to several months but requires a far higher budget than usual market prices;
  • Second is mobility leasing which is more economical and similar to an ordinary rental contract but with shorter terms - usually just a couple of months.


In these cases, Studapart is the perfect partner to help locate the ideal accommodation in the city where you'll be doing your internship. Several verified offers are available on our platform suited for short term renting and our teams are here to assist you every step of the way with your search and rental process.



Finding Student Accommodation for an Internship or Apprenticeship: Solutions


When it comes to choosing the kind of accommodation for your internship or apprenticeship, you have to consider how you'd like to live during that period. Different choices are available:


  • renting an individual apartment,
  • co-living,
  • youth hostels,
  • student residences,
  • and renting a room from a private tenant.


This decision depends on your needs, expectations and means. Your budget will be a major factor in deciding where to stay; depending on the city where you're settling down, this expense may be more or less substantial. For example if you settle in Paris then a large part of your budget will be allocated for housing whereas in cities such as Lyon or Lille it won't be as expensive.





A studio or a T1 can be ideal solutions for someone who wants to live alone. These are the smallest individual properties on the market in terms of surface area, so they're also usually the cheapest.


By renting an individual apartment, you'll have your own personal space and be independent. This can be a good idea if you value your independence and want to focus on your work. As you won't be staying for long, choose a furnished option so that you don't have to worry about bringing furniture with you. In this situation, you could even sublet as many students leave their accommodation temporarily and look for somebody to rent it out while they're away.




Sharing accommodation is certainly the most economical housing option on the market, since it allows you to share costs with other occupants. If you join shared accommodation, you'll have an individual bedroom within an apartment or house but will share the common spaces with other tenants, such as:


  • Bathroom
  • Living Areas
  • Kitchen
  • Outdoor Spaces etc.


You'll need to stick to a set of rules in order to live peacefully with others and be a bit less independent than in an individual property. However, this can be advantageous if you're not fond of living alone and prefer having company.


If you move into a city that's new to you, it can also be a great opportunity to make your first contacts with people who already know their way around and can help show you around. You could also create your own shared accommodation if suitable.



Student Accommodation or Youth Hostel


You could also choose a room in a youth hostel or student accommodation, such as the ones offered by Crous, for example. Most of these will include a sleeping area, desk area and small bathroom but you could also find properties that come with a kitchen space. In these kind of residences, the common areas are usually shared among all the occupants, such as:


  • Dining Area
  • Relaxing Lounges
  • Outdoor Spaces etc.


There are several advantages to this type of housing:


  • They're usually located in secured and monitored residences;
  • They're close to places of interest and shops;
  • They're filled with young people so it's easy to meet new people;
  • They offer services not found in regular accommodations, like gyms, self service restaurants, integrated grocery stores and bike rental etc.

Live-in Room


Finally, you can take up residence in a live-in room. In recent years, it's not uncommon to find ads for renting a live-in room. Landlords with multiple rooms in their home sometimes choose to rent them out on a seasonal or annual basis. It's an economical solution and sometimes even free in exchange for services such as:


  • Childcare
  • Housekeeping and upkeep of common areas
  • Companionship for the elderly, etc.


With Studapart, you have access to over 120,000 listings ranging from studio apartments to shared accommodation to student housing available across France. So no matter where your next internship or apprenticeship will take place, rest assured you'll find accommodations that suit you, where you can feel like home even if it's just for a few months! Choose your criteria and find your next short term rental.


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