What is a T1 apartment?

In the field of real estate rental, you will find all types of accommodation. If the studio is the most recommended for students, the T1 apartment is an equally attractive alternative. Yes, but what is a T1 apartment?


Before proceeding with the search for your accommodation, it is important to familiarize yourself with the jargon used in real estate agencies and in particular the somewhat technical terms used to designate the type of accommodation. The apartments offered for rent are presented with an attribute T1, T2, T3, T4, etc., which indicates the number of living rooms, i.e. living room and bedroom (s). Please note that the attribute T1, T2, T3 only indicates the number of rooms and not the size of the apartment. A T1 can be larger than a T3. In the case of a house, we use the attributes F1, F2, F3, etc.


What is a T1 apartment? Definition




Tx = appartement. Fx = maison



A T1 (or F1) dwelling is a dwelling that consists of only one room. That is to say a living room used both as a living room and a bedroom. The kitchen must be separated by a wall and a partition. We are specifically talking about a closed kitchen. If the kitchen area is in the main room, we will speak of a studio. The bathroom and the toilet must be outside this main room.


What is the difference between a T1 accommodation and a studio?



T1 = cuisine séparé. Fx = cuisine non séparé



Apartment T1 contains a main room and a few ancillary rooms, which are also called the wet rooms: the kitchen, the bathroom and the WC. It is the closed or open kitchen that makes all the difference between a T1 accommodation and a studio. This indicates that to transform a one-room apartment into a studio, all you have to do is knock down the wall or partition that separates the kitchen from the main room.


What is the difference between a T1 and a T1 bis?


T1 bis = T1 + mezzanine ou alcove



There is also the T1 bis attribute, which is a T1 that looks improved, ie equipped with a mezzanine or an alcove. A mezzanine is a kind of middle floor created in a room. An alcove is a recess created in a room or an apartment that allows you to add, depending on its size, a bed, a table or a storage space.


What is the living space?


Surface habitable : minimum 1m80 sous plafond minimum et 8m2


The Carrez law imposes a minimum of 8 square meters of living space in an apartment. This area includes all the rooms whose ceiling is at least 1.80 meters from the ground. Remove the space occupied by walls, steps, cupboards, etc. External outbuildings such as the balcony or parking spaces are not taken into account. The area given by the agencies correspond to those required by the Carrez law.


Furnished or unfurnished one-room apartments?



Logement meublé



The T1 apartments for rent can be offered to you furnished or unfurnished. To be considered furnished, an apartment must at least allow the tenant, upon installation, to live there, that is to say to be able to sleep, eat and wash. The legislation provides for at least: a bed (with sheets and blanket), shutters or curtains on the windows in the bedrooms, hotplates, an oven (traditional or microwave), a refrigerator with freezer compartment (or a freezer as an extra), sufficient plates, glasses and cutlery, a table, seats, storage furniture, lighting and maintenance equipment (brooms, vacuum cleaner, etc.). All of these items must be specified in the inventory.


How to arrange and furnish a T1 apartment?


Whether it is a T1, T1 bis or a studio apartment, the main problem with one-room accommodation is to make the elements of the bedroom coexist with those of the living room. Your T1 apartment may not be very large. It is then a matter of managing space while avoiding stacking things on top of each other.


What to do with the bed when you are not sleeping?


The first instinct is to separate the elements that relate to the bedroom from the rest of the main room. The bed is a bulky object when it is no longer needed. The solution is to opt for a sofa bed, which you transform into a bed in the evening and then back into a sofa the next morning. Other solutions exist: the Murphy bed (or cupboard bed) which stores vertically in a closet when you no longer need it. Or the mezzanine bed, that is, raised to free up floor space.


Where to place his office?


A student who moves into a T1 must first think about the location of his office. It must be comfortable and well-lit. You are going to be spending time there, you will need concentration there, so the place should not suffer any inconvenience. The table should have enough space to accommodate the computer, but also the space occupied by the mouse and your arms. It is necessary to take into account the advice in terms of posture: screen in front of the eyes, comfortable seat to avoid bad positions, amplitude of the arms, etc. You also have to check whether or not you like to work facing a wall. It sounds silly, but many people take a long time to realize that if they are uncomfortable it is because they have a wall in front of them.


Where to store your clothes?

The storage of clothes also takes up a lot of space. Some apartments have closets but these are not always practical for storing clothes. You then have to show a little ingenuity to create a dressing room, including a wardrobe, which remains the most practical way to access your t-shirts, pants and skirts.

You can also have a foldable ironing board. We will add some small pieces of furniture and a mirror, because it is still very practical for dressing.

How to use room dividers?


Even if you only have one living room, you can pretend you have more than one. This is particularly useful in rectangular rooms. Just place shelves, small pieces of furniture, screens, curtains, in certain places to give the impression of passing into another room. There is a very important psychological aspect to this feeling of being able to change place. Room dividers add a lot to a room, regardless of its size. You can also consider placing a few green plants that can mark separations and decorate the room with their relaxing and depolluting virtues.


How to arrange the kitchen?


In a T1 apartment, the kitchen is reduced to its simplest form. Refrigerator, hotplates, sink and storage unit represent the minimum required to serve as a kitchen. Despite its small size, it is important to take care of kitchen storage. For example, you avoid leaving a large number of plates, glasses and cutlery in an open place, where they will get caught in grease and dust. If you do not use them, if you do not wash them at least once a day, it is better to store them in a closed place. It's best to only keep the ones you use every day on the dish rack. The same goes for saucepans and anything used to heat food, unless they are used frequently and therefore washed just as frequently.


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