What is a T2 apartment?

The real estate world uses some specific technical terms. The number of rooms in an apartment is defined with the letter T. If you are looking for accommodation with two rooms, you should look for a T2.


There was a time when posting a classified ad could get expensive. The publication was billed per character. This represented a juicy supplement of income for the press and it provided a living for the free newspapers. To post an ad, you had to be careful about writing the essentials and use a few tricks so as not to consume too many characters.


Many contractions of words and phrases have been invented, some of which only become understandable to initiates. For real estate advertisements, we adopted the use of a two-character code: rather than writing “two-room apartment”, we chose to write “T2” (or “F2” for a house). In the age of the Internet, the use has remained. Real estate agencies favor this name, which has become the norm.


What is T2 accommodation? Definition



T2 = 2 pièces + pièces d'eau



A T2 apartment is simply a house that contains two rooms. This is usually a living room (or lounge) and a bedroom. The water rooms (term which includes the closed kitchen, the bathroom and the toilets) are not counted, whatever their size. A T2 can also have additional spaces such as a mezzanine, an alcove, a dark room (a room without window, deprived of daylight), but unlike the T1, it is not assigned a “bis”. If the advantage is decisive in a T1 bis, it is much less for a T2, and all the more so for a T3, a T4, etc.


What is the difference between a T1 and a T2?


The main difference between a T1 and a T2 is that in a T2, the bedroom and the living room can be separated. Both pieces are designed this way, but nothing prevents you from disposing of them as you wish. In particular, you can set up your office area either in the living room or in the bedroom. Compared to a T1 bis, the T2 has the advantage of offering two real living rooms.


Why choose a T2 as student accommodation?


The bedroom separate from the main room (that of the living room or lounge) is a considerable asset that encourages you to favor, if you plan to stay alone, a T2 rather than a T1. Another advantage of T2 is that you can accommodate two in shared accommodation. That is to say, the apartment will be shared with everyone their room. It is even better if the apartment is duplex, that is, it is built on two floors: this allows each tenant to have their own floor. Nice.



What is the living area of ​​a T2?



Surface habitable : minimum 1m80 sous plafond minimum et 8m2


The two rooms made available in T2 accommodation must each offer a living area of ​​at least 8 square meters. The Carrez law, promulgated in 1996, requires that the calculation of this area be carried out on the ground by excluding the area occupied by walls, steps, cupboards, as well as places where the ceiling is less than 1.80 meters of the ground. If the kitchen or the bathroom are more than 8 square meters, they cannot be considered as rooms strictly speaking. This calculation of the living space can be done by an expert, in particular a diagnostic professional. The Boutin law, which dates from 2009, adds the notion of heated room in the calculation of the area. Exterior elements such as balconies or parking spaces are therefore excluded from the calculation.


How to fit out your one-bedroom apartment?


The planning of an apartment, especially when it is small, is first of all knowing how to put everything in its place. So it is important to think about the storage and arrangement of objects. We recommend that you first get furniture that can store your things, your clothes, your equipment, your books, etc. We will therefore focus above all on shelves, but also clever furniture: we think of these seats or benches which are in fact boxes on which you can sit while storing your belongings.


It's the same in the kitchen and the bathroom: you have to imagine solutions to store your things. Raised and discreet shelves allow efficient use of space, especially in the toilets.


A one-bedroom apartment in your image


The apartment should be to your liking. Some people like space and prefer the distance between furniture. It is then necessary to think of taking low furniture, which does not obstruct the view or the light. Others, on the contrary, like "organized clutter", moving around in a room with a thousand things. Be careful, however, not to be encumbered. It is important to let daylight pass in particular, which is essential for well-being.



Should you opt for a furnished one-bedroom apartment?




Logement meublé



Renting a furnished apartment is very practical when you don't want to move your furniture or have to buy it. The furnished apartment allows you to settle in and immediately be able to sleep comfortably, prepare to eat and wash yourself. The regulations are very precise on the necessary which validates a furnished apartment.


The furnished must provide at least:

  • A table and chairs
  • Storage shelves
  • Lighting in working order
  • A bed with a duvet or blanket
  • A kitchen equipped with hotplates and an oven (traditional or microwave)
  • A refrigerator with a freezer compartment (or a separate freezer)
  • Sufficient plates, glasses and cutlery
  • Kitchen utensils


  • Maintenance equipment (brooms, sponges, mop, products, etc.)
  • The bedroom window must be able to be closed with shutters or curtains


All of these items must be listed on the inventory. They must also be present when you return the keys to the apartment. If they are defective, you must report them to the rental company and have them repaired if necessary. If during your stay you have lost utensils or cutlery, if you have broken glasses or plates, if the maintenance equipment is no longer in good condition, you will have to buy some in order to return the apartment in the same condition. than the one you found it in.



How to find one-bedroom accommodation with Studapart


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