What is a T4 apartment?

A T4 is an accommodation that contains four rooms: a living room and three bedrooms, in addition to a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. You can opt for this type of accommodation when you are considering a shared apartment.


Qu'est-ce qu'un appartement T4 ? T4 apartment


An apartment is good. A two-room apartment is better. Three or more rooms is even better. Four rooms is the best, especially if you are planning your student stay in a shared apartment. A T4 apartment, that is to say with a main room and three bedrooms, is ideal for moving in with several people and thus reducing the costs of shared accommodation (rent, charges, annexes ...).


What is T4 accommodation? Definition





If you are unfamiliar with real estate lingo, a little text explanation is in order. The terms T1, T2, T3, T4, etc. are used in agencies to designate the number of rooms in an apartment. There are a few variants, such as the studio or the T1 bis.


  • The studio is a one-room apartment in which the kitchen area is integrated, and which is also equipped with a bathroom and WC.
  • Apartment T1 is also a one-room apartment, but unlike the studio, the kitchen is outside the room, separated by a partition and a door, as are the bathroom and the toilet.
  • Apartment T1 bis is also a one-room apartment, with toilet, toilet and closed kitchen, but it benefits from extensions such as a mezzanine, an alcove, a hall, a small additional room.
  • Apartment T2 is a two-room apartment, usually a main room and a bedroom with a closed kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet.
  • Apartment T3 is a three-room apartment, that is to say a main room and two bedrooms, as well as a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. The kitchen can be closed, but it can also be an integral part of the main room. The term T3 is still used in this case.
  • Apartment T4, if you have followed, is an accommodation that contains four rooms: a main room and three bedrooms, to which are added the essential kitchen, bathroom and toilet. It's that simple.


is used instead of the T (F1, F2, F3, F4, etc.), mainly when it comes to a house. There are no precise standards, nor rules that cannot be ignored, but it is still fairly obvious to understand.


What is the difference between a T3 and a T4?


If you are asked the difference between a T3 and a T4 (or between an F3 and an F4), you can answer that it is the same as between a T2 and a T3: it is simply the number of rooms which changes: two for T3 and three for T4. Please note, a T4 does not have to be larger than a T3: three large rooms can be larger than four small. For a room to be recognized as such, its area must be at least eight square meters and a minimum height of 1.80 meters.


What is the living area of ​​a T4?


Surface habitable : minimum 1m80 sous plafond minimum et 8m2


There is a law that allows you to calculate the living area of ​​your apartment very precisely. This is the Carrez law, passed in 1996. This law requires that account only be taken of the area of ​​housing areas where the ceiling is 1.80 meters from the floor or more. We must also remove the square meters occupied by cupboards, walls, partitions, steps, etc. The Boutin law, passed in 2009, insists on the concepts of heated rooms. This excludes the area occupied by balconies, terraces, parking spaces, etc. This highly regulated calculation is entrusted to an expert, most of the time to a real estate diagnostic professional. These laws avoid areas given "in a shady" way by unscrupulous landlords, and allow precise comparisons from one home to another.


How to arrange a T4 in colocation?


Renting a T4 to several imposes a few rules. Shared accommodation is not a long, quiet river, on the contrary. The rules of entry must be set to avoid overflows. It doesn't sound cool at first glance, but a few rules save a lot of future tensions.


If you rent a T4 in shared accommodation, it is better to have only three roommates, each with a room. The main room must remain a common room and not be occupied by one of the tenants as a bedroom, especially if this room is used by the other tenants. Privacy is a necessary element for good living. you absolutely must preserve it, especially for the long term.


It is essential to keep a room in which you can isolate yourself. A year of study creates a lot of times when you need to concentrate, if only to work. Your office area should therefore be in your bedroom rather than in a common room, especially the living room where there will be many passages.


Other common rooms, such as the kitchen, toilet and bathroom, must also be subject to rules. Although these may be tacit, it is always best to state them: always put away your things and leave the place clean after you have been there. These are the places where the greatest tensions arise. You should also avoid imposing your decoration in common rooms (unless you have the unreserved agreement of the other parties).


For the rest, it becomes a pleasure to share the equipment: wi-fi, television, shelves where you store your books. Community life, even small, remains a rewarding experience. Shared accommodation is a way of life that is increasingly coming back into fashion in the student world.


How to find T4 accommodation with Studapart?


When you are looking for accommodation, Studapart helps you find an apartment in the city where you are going to continue your studies. Here are four good reasons to join Studapart:



  • A very large number of advertisements for accommodation for rent in all the cities of France for students. There are studios, apartments T1, T1 bis, T2, T3, T4, etc., furnished apartments, duplexes ... The advertisements are of course verified. You also have the opportunity to virtually visit the accommodations that interest you /
  • Direct contact with the landlord: our instant messaging (or chat) application allows you to converse with the landlord, without an intermediary. You thus have, without an intermediary, the possibility of asking all the questions you want about the apartment (location, history, condition, etc.) and of making an appointment for a visit.
  • The Studapart Guarantee: you no longer need to look for a guarantor, Studapart takes care of everything. You benefit from the Studapart guarantee, which means that the lessor will know that you are a reliable tenant and that you benefit from a recognized deposit since it comes from a serious organization.
  • Support for the duration of your rental: once installed in your apartment, you can call on Studapart at any time to resolve various small rental problems. Our interventions will allow you to free yourself from these hassles and devote yourself entirely to your studies and your student life.


Studapart is the guarantee of pleasant accommodation and a hassle-free stay.

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