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How to move stressfree?

The moving stage is a time dreaded by many people. Between packing boxes, booking trucks, measuring furniture and administrative procedures, it is easy to get lost and get caught up in stress. According to the OpinionWay survey, more than 70% of French people consider a change of address to be stressful. However, each year, more than 3 million people change housing. In order not to get lost during your move, we give you our best advice to organize yourself in this change of life!


5 tips to avoid stress on moving day


1. List things to book


Organizing a move requires anticipating a number of things. A to do list will be essential to visualize all the things to book in advance. Start by choosing, if necessary, a moving company that can estimate the volume of everything that needs to be transported. Calling on professional movers will make it easier to move furniture, drive trucks and above all will make your move much faster. You can also reserve a commercial vehicle to transport any items that cannot be transported by the movers, in particular very fragile and high-value items. To avoid the stress of parking, reserve parking spaces so as not to disturb traffic and be sure to find a space.


If you have a four-legged friend moving with you, make sure someone can watch it for the duration of the move, no need to add things to manage on D-Day!


2. Organize moving boxes


Packing boxes is a key part of your stress-free move. There are several very easy tricks to make your job easier.

First you have to opt for medium-sized boxes: the small ones will be filled too quickly, the too large ones will be too heavy to be carried. Then choose a color of felt per room to easily determine the room in which the cardboard should be placed.

Ideally remember to write on the sides of the boxes and not on the upper or lower sides in which case it will be impossible for you to know what you have put in! Finally, do not forget to take care of the packaging of your fragile belongings and to make an inventory of your boxes on departure and arrival to make sure that nothing is missing and that nothing has been damaged.


3. Provide for all address changes to facilitate administrative procedures


The mountains of paperwork and administrative procedures are a source of stress well known to the French. But don't panic, you just need to plan a little bit of organization so as not to be overtaken by events. A few days before the date of the move, dedicate a day to administrative procedures for the change of address. The State now offers a platform that brings together all public services. Don't forget to tell your favorite businesses who can continue to send you your promotions to the right address!


4. Sort out your stuff


Before moving into your new home, sort through your belongings. Over time, we pile up a lot of objects and clothes that remain locked in the closets. Moving is the perfect time to get rid of things that you no longer use and that take up space.

This sorting step is an opportunity to reduce the volume of your items to itch but also to give new life to some of your belongings. In addition, you can take advantage of it to save money by selling your furniture and objects in good condition and that you no longer need. If everything cannot be sold, it will always be possible to donate it to associations.


5. Ask for help!


Finally, to avoid stress in this big life change, what better than to call on your loved ones? Even if you hire a professional moving company, extra hands will never be too much. Family and friends can help to live this moment and unpack the first boxes.


Moving with friends is the start of your housewarming party!


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