Students: how to prepare well for the start of the school year?

When the end of summer approaches, you have to put away beach towels and sunglasses and think about preparing for the start of the school year. Whatever the school level (kindergarten, primary, college, high school or higher education), the start of the school year must be prepared a little in advance. September is always a very busy time of the year. We have prepared a series of tips for you to follow to experience your return to school with complete peace of mind.


Prepare your return to success!


The two months of summer holidays are an opportunity to rest and recharge the batteries before embarking on a new school year. To avoid being overwhelmed by the organization of the start of the school year, we advise you to plan well in advance and anticipate all the details to be managed. Getting ahead at the start of the year can greatly help you approach this moment serenely.


The first day of school


Back-to-school day is an opportunity to start from scratch and make new resolutions. New class, new lessons, new teachers, new routine, new year... There is no mandatory rule to organize your return to school as well as possible. However, there are a number of things you can avoid that are likely to complicate your return to school. We tell you everything!



5 things not to do for a successful back-to-school


Take care of supplies at the last minute


The return to class is also the return of school supply lists. For starters, avoid going to the store in the middle of the weekend or on the very day of the start of the school year. You may find yourself in a chaotic crowd of distraught parents and young schoolchildren distracted by diary covers. Also, there is no need to buy in quantity, the first days of classes will also be an opportunity to complete your first purchases. Also take the time to sort through your belongings from previous years to start the year off on the right foot.


Not getting back into the rhythm of the school days


After the long summer nights and the relaxing days at the beach, it is often difficult to get back into the spirit of the weeks of lessons. To avoid a too harsh return to reality, we advise you to get back into a school rhythm a few days before the start of the school year. How ? Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. We turn off our phone after dinner and attack the day quickly to start preparing for the start of the school year. The school routine is very easy to find so take advantage of it to start off on the right foot.


Not inquiring about the program of the year


Holidays are made to disconnect from all the obligations of the rest of the year. This does not prevent you from finding out about the content of the courses a few days before the start of the school year, which will allow you to start sorting out the courses to keep and those to store permanently in the cellar. This is an opportunity to quickly immerse yourself in the concepts that will serve you throughout the year and to organize your work around the most intense courses.


Forget school and extra-curricular registrations


The start of the school year also offers its share of administrative procedures. Between school and extra-curricular registrations, the renewal of subscriptions of all kinds, it is easy to get lost. We advise you to find out about the steps to take from the end of August so as not to spend the first week of the school year chasing after your registration papers.


Putting pressure on you unnecessarily


Even if back to school is a stressful time for children and young adults, there is no need to put pressure on yourself for nothing. This period is very rhythmic and can suggest that we do not adapt to it quickly enough. Give yourself time to get used to this new year. It may take a few days or a few weeks. So, we breathe and process the information one by one!



Anticipate your search for accommodation


Going back to school sometimes also involves moving. If this is your case, anticipate your search for accommodation even before going on vacation so as not to encumber yourself with the stress of the search and find yourself in an emergency situation a few days before the resumption of classes.


Once the month of June is over, you have all the information to look for accommodation: location, size, budget... Summer is a busy time in real estate demand, you will have to be very reactive in order not to miss an opportunity. However, no need to jump on the first proposal. For this, many sites and platforms can help you in this step. Studapart guarantees you 100% secure housing offers and acts as the link between the tenant and the owner to support you in all the steps.


Before D-Day, make sure you know the way and the transport in the surroundings so as not to arrive late and start the year serenely.


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