All you need to know about the inventory of fixtures

Before settling down in your new sweet home, you’ll have to conduct an inventory of fixtures describing the condition of the apartment upon your arrival. Even though you probably can’t wait to move in, stay alert and don’t take this lightly That way, you’ll be fully aware of what you can accept or not when you leave the place. 


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Check-in inventory of fixtures


Inventory of fixtures is a milestone in the beginning of your rental 


What is a check-in inventory of fixtures? 

The inventory of fixtures is an official visit you conduct in the apartment with your landlord before moving in, and also a document that helps compare the condition of the apartment when you get in and when you leave. It forms the basis for the return of the security deposit. If the owner notes damage when you leave the apartment, he’ll be using this document as a support.


But the inventory also protects you: if you don’t conduct one, it will be legally assumed that you received the apartment in perfect condition. As a consequence, you won’t be able to claim anything if you’re accused of defects that were already there before you moved in, and it can sometimes prove very costly! In a nutshell, the inventory can help avoid misunderstandings and possible disputes at the end of the lease. 


What is the purpose of a check-in inventory?

The inventory of fixtures at the entrance is a crucial stage of a rental. It will be compared to the inventory of fixtures at the exit.  
You will not be accused of existing defects if they had been detected during the inventory of fixtures at the entrance. Conversely, if damage is found at the inventory of fixtures at the exit without having been notified to the inventory of fixtures at the entrance, you will be responsible for it and will have to cover for it financially.  
This is why, during the inventory of fixtures at the entrance, you must be very attentive to the slightest detail for which the lessor could hold you responsible. This requires attention to detail! 

How do you conduct a check-in inventory?  



This visit takes place before entering the premises and at the time of signing the lease. It is a mandatory requirement since July 2016.  It is usually up to the landlord to take the initiative in planning it. The landlord contacts the tenant to set the date of the inventory of fixtures. If your landlord is reluctant to carry it out, it is probably because he has things to hide about the state of the accommodation. In this case, it is better to turn to a different accommodation

During the inventory of fixtures, you will visit the place room by room and see for yourself the general state of the accommodation, and check the equipment as well as how they work.  The progress of the inventory of fixtures is recorded in a document. You and your landlord will take notes of the condition of premises and installations. 

The inventory takes place as follows. For each room, the fixtures and fittings are listed. The tenant and the lessor then agree on the condition of each piece of equipment: new, very good, good, average or bad.  If you see any trace of neglect or defect in the apartment, indicate it to your lessor and write it down on the document.

2 copies of the inventory of fixtures must be made: one for your lessor and one for you.
Both parties sign the tho documents at the end of the inventory. This document will be proof to determine if there has been any damage on the part of the tenant. It is the landlord who is generally responsible for providing this document. It also happens that this document is filled in and signed online to avoid paperwork and simplify the process. 

Things you should be on the lookout for

You have to rigorously check all of the equipments in the apartment, notably:

  • taps and plumbing
  • toilet flush and shower tube
  • plugs and light switches
  • doors and windows
  • hot plates, heating (feel free to turn them on to check if they’re working)
  • household appliance: washing machine, microwave…
  • lightning, bulbs
  • closing of locks

If you’re moving in a furnished apartment, check all the household goods. Your landlord has to provide you with a comprehensive list of everything that’s at your disposal. Count the teaspoons! And if you notice something on the list that’s missing in the apartment, share it with your landlord.

The inventory of fixtures also provides an opportunity to setting up the beginning of your electricity consumption. Check electricity meters with your landlord: he’ll write down the numbers on the meter on the inventory form. You’ll need these to settle your EDF contract

Idea: even if it might seem intimidating, be assertive! Feel free to take your time, to be careful and to double check what the landlord claims. If there are defects you don’t note during the inventory, your landlord might deduct them from your security deposit



How can Studapart help you with your check-in inventory of fixtures? 

Check out our resource centre

In addition to this page dedicated to explaining check-in inventory of fixtures, Studapart provides you with a thorough resource centre. It is a mine of information for tenants who might get lost in their procedures, or are not at ease with the lingo. Our glossary can prove to be very useful. Some pages deal entirely with steps prior to the inventory of fixtures that must be carried out properly. For example, you can find useful information about building your rental application, or drafting your lease agreement.

Assistance in exchanging with landlords

Studapart acts as a third party between you and your renter. Our team of experts speaks several languages and is available 6 days a week to answer your questions. Our community of 36,000 owners trusts our platform and disputes seldom happen. But in the event of a dispute relating to the entry inventory of fixtures, Studapart is also there to find a quick solution between the landlord and the tenant. 

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