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Actual charges

This time it’s not an estimate, but the actual amount of rental charges. When you pay your charges with a provision for charges, you pay the actual charges.



Standing for “social housing allowance”, it’s allocated by the CAF for non government-regulated dwellings.



It stands for “personalized housing allowance”. It’s the most common housing allowance, and it’s allocated by the CAF for government-regulated dwellings.

Modèles de lettre

Asking to get your security deposit back

Request for restitution of the rental deposit when you leave your accommodation.

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Asking to make improvement works

Asking permission to make important construction works. 

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Asking to sublet

Asking permission to sublet your apartment.


Building management office

It’s an organization or a group of owners accounting for the joint tenancy. They’re in charge of invoicing service charges, hiring contractors for renovations, ensure maintenance, sign contracts...



It stands for “Caisse des Allocations Familiales”, which can translate to “Family Allowance Fund”. It’s the organization that allocates housing allowances to tenants.

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Cancelling your home insurance

Terminating your contract with your home insurance company. 

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Closing your bank account

Requesting an account closure. 



It stands for Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires, which roughly translates to “regional center of academic charity”. In a nutshell, it’s a public organization offering services aiming to simplify student life, such as housing in residences, student canteens with very affordable meals, scholarships...

Modèles de lettre

Formal notice for restitution of the rental deposit

If your landlord leaves your reminders unanswered, you can send him a formal notice as last resort.

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