Can You Do Flatshare in a Two-Room Apartment?

Choosing to do flatshare is a strategic choice to save money and live in a more spacious apartment than one for a single person. Many students opt for the flatshare which allows for much greater independence than student housing and having a private apartment to share.


Flatsharing is also a way to not be alone. While each has their own private room, shared areas such as the living room and kitchen provide opportunities to enjoy moments together and make lasting memories between roommates.


What Rule for Renting a Room in a Flatshare?


Flatshare with friends


Moving in with a best friend can be a dream come true for everyone. But to avoid problems and stories that go wrong, it is necessary to establish a set of rules concerning housekeeping tasks and the roommate living schedule.


It is also important to agree on a joint budget and stick to it.


Communication and tolerance are also two things to prioritize in roommate living. This is how occupants can live together in full trust.


Joining a Flatshare With Strangers


It is also possible to join a flatshare with strangers. It is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people.


This practice is becoming more and more widespread. Many websites are dedicated to finding roommates. Participants meet in the context of an "interview" that looks more like a coffee between friends. Then they can decide to embark on the flatshare adventure. 


If you join an existing roommate living, make sure to do an inventory of your entry.


In the case of a flatshare with strangers, it is also essential to establish the rules of operation of the flatshare, namely the budget, the housekeeping schedule and everyday life rules. The room of each roommate must be respected by everyone: no one should enter it without their occupant's agreement or in their absence. 

Is Flatshare in a One-Bedroom Legal?


Flatshare is a popular rental arrangement. However, certain rules must be respected in order to avoid problems and guarantee an enjoyable and decent home for each roommate.


The decency criteria are used to estimate whether a dwelling can be rented under a roommate living contract. Each roommate must have a private space of 9m2 and a habitable space with a volume of at least 20m2.


A two-room apartment is an apartment with two rooms (not counting the kitchen and bathroom). Generally, a two-room apartment offers one living room and one bedroom. If the size of the two-room apartment meets the decency criteria mentioned above, tenants can rent an apartment with a roommate living lease. The roommates will have two bedrooms, one of which would have been the living room if there had been only one tenant.


The common areas will only consist of the kitchen and bathroom.


Renting a two-room apartment is absolutely legal if it meets decency criteria.



Flatshare Lease for a Two-Room Apartment


For a two-room flatshare, it is possible to have one lease or as many leases as tenants.


In the case of a single lease, it is necessary for the name of each roommate to be written in the lease in order to be protected and able to request housing aid from the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF). If the lease is single, the owner can ask for the payment of rent all at once. In this case, the tenant who takes care of the rent each month has to turn to their roommates themselves in order to collect each person's share of rent. In most single leases, there is a solidarity clause which protects roommates in case one tenant leaves. The departing tenant is obliged to pay their part of rent until they are replaced (this obligation ends after 6 months). 



What Are the Risks of Flatshare in a Two-Room Apartment?


There are several risks in joining a flatshare in a two-room apartment.


First, lack of space can be an issue in the day-to-day life. In a two-room apartment, there is only one bedroom while the other room is the living room. In the case of a flatshare, the living room can act as a second private bedroom. This way the kitchen and bathroom become the only common rooms, it is possible that roommates will spend most of their time in their own private area.


Also, converting the two-room apartment's living room into a bedroom increases the risk of having both bedrooms in line. This means significant lack of privacy for roommates. But short-term flatshare in a two-bedroom can also be a good solution if you're looking for low-cost housing.



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