How to get rid of midges in your home?

Insects can easily take up residence in your apartment. It is never pleasant to live with undesirables and it can sometimes be difficult to manage to get rid of them effectively. Wherever we live, we have all been bothered by these little flies flying about, most often in our kitchen, but sometimes in other rooms of the house as well. We have sought to understand why these little beasts sometimes settle in our homes, how to prevent this from happening and some solutions to get rid of them quickly.


Why are there midges in my apartment?


Midges arrive in our apartments on sunny days, most often in spring and summer. Although they are harmless, we rarely appreciate that they invite themselves into our homes and we often look forward to getting rid of them, usually without knowing where to start.


Do not panic, they are not the witnesses of dirty or poorly maintained housing, they just have a very sharp nose to invest in the slightest place where they can reproduce and shelter their larvae. As they multiply rapidly, you have to quickly take matters into your own hands to overcome them.


What attracts them mainly: humidity and food. You will often find them near the fruit and vegetable baskets, near the plants, above the dishes from the day before left in the sink, on the worktop that we forgot to clean or near the garbage cans.


To get rid of it, the solution is to clear the house and remove all sources of attraction. Don't worry, everything is sorted out quickly with a little elbow grease!


How to prevent a midge invasion?


Start by putting away all the food, especially the ones you usually leave outside like fruits and vegetables. Store your food in the fridge or in airtight boxes rather than in baskets in the open air. Garbage cans are also very attractive to gnats, especially in the heat. Empty them regularly, even if it means using smaller bags on sunny days so as not to give the waste time to decompose, prefer bins with lids. Be sure to clean your kitchen thoroughly after use so that you don't leave any traces of food that could attract these little flies. Also remember to clean the places where you have stored food previously: fruit baskets, vegetable baskets, cupboards, drawers, but also the trash can.


Once you've gotten rid of all traces of food, it's time to tackle the moisture. We first get rid of the stagnant water: we empty the water collection cups under the plants, we wash the dishes lying around in the sink, we empty the carafes and we close the bottles, we clean the bowls animals and their water is changed regularly. Plants can also be a breeding ground for gnats, stop watering them for a while while the soil dries on the surface. If one of your plants is attacked by mold, put it outside until its condition improves and the gnats go away.


Also take a look at your pipes, a prime location for these little creatures, who love to lay their eggs there. Clean them carefully and regularly.


A few tips for getting rid of midges


With a few tricks from grandma, getting rid of midges is child's play. All you need is a few basic products to overcome it.


To effectively clean your pipes, nothing like baking soda and vinegar. Make your preparation, pour it into the siphon and let it act for 2 hours: guaranteed results! You can also opt for a preparation based on coffee grounds and boiling water, which is just as effective.


Clean your trash can with hot water and lemon, it's a natural disinfectant and midges hate the smell. An ideal solution to keep them away!


If you love plants, there are a few tricks you can use to prevent them from attracting midges. For this, you will need matches. Strange, but very effective, it will be enough to put a few in the ground, upside down. Sulfur displeases midges and will make them want to raise their larvae in it. Also take lemon and liquid soap, mix everything and spray the preparation on the whole plant. Finally, lemongrass essential oil will also be an ally of choice. Soak cotton balls in it and place them in the pots of your plants.


You can also create traps and repellents to be sure to overcome the colony of midges that are squatting in your apartment and not see them return.

For this, you will need a bowl, apple vinegar and dish soap. The smell will attract midges which will then be trapped in the preparation, you just have to repeat the experience until you overcome it. This trick also works with beer, to be changed regularly.


To keep them at bay, you can also make an "amber apple" using a citrus fruit (lemon or orange) and a few cloves. Drive the nails into the fruit and leave it on a shelf. It is a very good repellent that will also remove bad odors and deodorize your interior.


Finally, if you prefer to store your fruits and vegetables in the open air, watch them to prevent them from spoiling, this is the favorite ground of gnats and they will not fail to land at the slightest sign of mould! You can also put corks in your baskets, they are excellent repellents.


If the weather is good, do not hesitate to make drafts or ventilate the apartment with a fan, gnats hate it.

All you have to do is apply all our advice to get rid of your unwanted roommates!

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