Paris Descartes University x Studapart

Partners for housing!

Student housing near Université Paris Descartes

If you are studying at Paris Descartes University and looking for accommodation, you've come to the right place! With its owners and partner residences, Studapart offers exclusive accommodation for all tastes and budgets.

Finding accommodation near Paris Descartes University with to Studapart partners

Finding accommodation close to Paris Descartes University is not easy and the University has understood that. Which is why it joined forces with Studapart in 2018 to offer its students an efficient and fast accommodation service.
One of the strengths of our platform is we build strong partnerships with student residences. Students at Paris Descartes University can exclusively access accommodation in our partner residences such as Studélites and YouFirst for example. But if you are looking for an apartment near Paris Descartes University rented by an individual, that is also possible! Every year, 5000 private landlords search for a tenant in Paris on our platform. They appreciate the simplicity of the platform and trust our student tenants. Make the most of it!

Advantages of using the platform
Paris Descartes University x Studapart

Exclusivity on the platform

The platform is entirely private and exclusive to students of Paris Descartes University.

The Studapart Guarantee

Renting in France without a french guarantor can be a hassle. Studapart has partnered with Allianz and can become your guarantor during the whole duration of your rent.

Exclusive ads

The platform gives you access to a range of dwellings addressed specifically to the community of Paris Descartes University (studios, rooms in shared apartments, student residences…).

Paris Descartes University, medical studies in the heart of the capital


Founded in 1971, Paris Descartes University offers training in human and health sciences (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, etc.). It is made up of 10 establishments spread throughout Paris and its inner suburbs, in Montrouge, Malakoff and Boulogne Billancourt. Each year, more than 41,000 students come to follow their studies there.