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How to find a flatshare in Lyon 3?

How to find a flatshare in Lyon 3 where 15% of the accommodations are flatshares? Studapart helps you find your future roommate in just a few clicks!

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Find a flatshare in Lyon 3


Flatshare is a type of collective housing, often adopted by students. However, there are more and more shared flats with families, elderly people or even working people.


The principle of flatshare is to share your accommodation with other people, to divide the costs and responsibilities. Collocations are often organized on the basis of common interests or other specific criteria (field of study, female/male, age, passion, etc.). It is a good option for someone who is looking to limit their budget without limiting their comfort, and who likes to live in a community.

In Lyon 3, flatshare is a democratized way of life. 


The flatshare market in Lyon 3



Shared accommodation is a democratized type of housing in France, even if it is more easily found in student cities. If other types of shared accommodation are beginning to arise (seniors, families, etc.), in the majority of cases, this is a form of accommodation popular with students. It is hard to find shared housing offers in Lyon 3. 



The 3rd arrondissement, the cradle of Part-Dieu


Created in 1852, it consists of the neighborhoods of La Préfecture, Part-Dieu, Villette-Paul Bert, Sans Souci-Dauphiné and Montchat. It has more than 93,000 inhabitants, which makes it the most populated district of Lyon. The territory gathers important cultural places and institutions around its economic center of Part-Dieu such as the Bourse du Travail, the Part-Dieu train station, the Lyon Municipal Library or the large Part-Dieu shopping center. Its location in the heart of the agglomeration with the Part-Dieu business center and the train station makes it an economically attractive area. It is also prized by families due to its residential neighborhoods and proximity to the center.



We find a lot of flatshare ads in Lyon 3, it is a democratized form of accommodation 



You will hardly find a room in a shared apartment Lyon 3. In fact, there we find a lot of} ads of this type. People sharing accommodation in Lyon 3 put about more or less 20 days for housing. 


On Studapart, you will find more than 100 offers of shared accommodation.


Looking for a flatshare in Lyon 3? Studapart helps you find your ideal accommodation!



Choosing to share a flat is a good idea for a student or a young worker who wants to control his budget. It is also a good option for an elderly person who does not wish to live alone or families who prefer to share their expenses.


In Lyon 3, the percentage of accommodation where it is possible to make a roommate amounts to 15%.


What is the average surface area for a roommate in Lyon 3 ? 



In Lyon 3, most shared accommodations are T3. A T3 apartment is a dwelling that contains three rooms, generally a living room and two bedrooms. This is the ideal type of accommodation for students considering shared accommodation. On average, it takes an area of ​​about 65sq.m. 


In shared accommodation, you can also opt for a T4 apartment. A T4 apartment, that is to say with a main room and three bedrooms, is ideal for several people to settle in and thus reduce the costs of shared accommodation (rent, charges, appendices...). In this case, it will therefore be necessary to count an average surface of more than 70q.m


What budget for the rent of a room in a shared apartment in Lyon 3 ? 



To rent a room in a shared flat in Lyon 3, it amounts roughly to 450€/month per person, or 15,5€/sq.m per m². 


The amount of rent in a roommate also depends on the house in general, its equipment, its location, the furniture, the associated amenities, or quite simply the number of roommates.

  • The T3 apartments represent 16% of accommodation available in  Lyon 3

  • 6% of from Lyon flatshares are T4 apartments


Some tips for an efficient search for flatshares in Lyon 3



Flatshare is a democratized type of housing in France and widely used abroad. This is often an option that attracts students and it is quite easy to find roommate offers, especially in so-called student cities. It is the ideal choice to control your budget, since it is generally the cheapest solution on the market. Your next roommates may already be waiting for you at Lyon 3!





The shared tenancy contract, how does it work?



Flatshare is governed by specific rules. Within the framework of the lease contract, there are two possibilities: a single rental lease or a lease per co-tenant. Depending on the type of contract, certain rules differ:



The single lease


It is a classic rental lease whose rules differ according to the category of accommodation: furnished or not. Similarly, the accommodation must respect a minimum surface area (9m² or 20m3 minimum).

  • All roommates must sign the lease in order to have rights to the accommodation.

  • The inventory must be made and signed in the presence of all the roommates.

  • The rent is paid in one go and shared amicably by the roommates.

  • A solidarity clause can be integrated into the lease and implies obligations towards the others in the event of the departure of one of the roommates.


The lease per roommate


It respects the same basic rules as a classic lease, furnished or not.

  • Each roommate signs a lease contract with the landlord.

  • Each roommate pays their rent independently to the landlord.

  • A deposit may be requested from each roommate.

  • The departure of one of the roommates is simplified and does not commit him to the others.


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100 flatshare offers in Lyon 3 are waiting for you on Studapart! 



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