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How to find accommodation in a student residence in Lyon 2?

University and student residences in Lyon 2 can be a very good solution when you want to rent accommodation in la capitale des Gaules. With accommodation of all kinds, you will certainly find what you are looking for on Studapart! Read more

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Housing in a student residence in Lyon 2


The student residence is a mode of individual housing, it is a group of dwellings located in the same residence, often close to the places of study.


There are mainly studios that students can rent individually. This type of residence generally offers several services such as access to parking, laundry, shared living spaces, a gym, an internet connection... Everything is thought out to make life easier for tenants and allow them to concentrate on their studies as much as possible.

It is a type of accommodation popular with underage students and/or students in their first year, who are leaving the family home for the first time. We find a lot of student residences at Lyon 2.


Student residence vs. university residence, what are the differences?



Do not confuse student residence and university residence. There are differences between the two and it is important to know them to make the right choice of accommodation.



Student residences are open to all


Student residences are private establishments in which you can rent an apartment, as in a traditional residence. A number of services are associated with it to make life easier and safer for young residents. These residences are mostly placed near the main places of study to facilitate student travel. They are open to all student profiles.


University residences are intended for students in difficulty


University residences are establishments managed by the CROUS. Their objective is to offer a housing solution to students in difficulty and they are exclusively intended for them. These residences are also located near places of study but they offer minimal comfort and generally few services. They are rather rare and very popular, there is a selection on several social criteria to be able to stay there.


The student residence market in Lyon 2



In France, the student residence has been democratized for a few years but it is not necessarily the first choice of students, who often go for studios or shared accommodation. However, it is a good choice for a young person who will be moving into their first home. The student residence often represents a guarantee of confidence for the parents of minor or barely adult students, especially for a first year of study far from the place where you grew up.



The 2nd arrondissement, the very center of the city


Located at the southern end of the peninsula, the district is the very center of Lyon. Its geographical position, its commercial dynamism and its monuments make it very attractive. It extends from the north to the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers in the south. The district is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. It is one of the shopping districts of the metropolis. The main shopping street, rue de la République, is part of the 2nd arrondissement. We also find the Place Bellecour, Lyon's main square. But also the Lyon-Perrache train station, the second largest in the city. Real estate prices are high. The district is one of the most upmarket in Lyon, where the Lyon bourgeoisie resides, and home to numerous luxury boutiques. The 2nd arrondissement is, also, very well served by the city's various public transport systems.



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Choosing to live in a student residence is a good idea for a young student who wants to live near his place of study and have everything you need close at hand; so that he can concentrate as much as possible on his studies. It is a good option for a first home since it is a secure and supervised solution.


  • We count 70 student residences in Lyon 2

  • 70 000 students per year in Lyon 2 live in a student residence


What surface area for accommodation in a student residence in Lyon 2? 



The majority of housing tenants in student residences in Lyon 2 live in a space of more or less 21sq.m.



What rent for accommodation in a student residence in Lyon 2? 



If you want to rent accommodation in a student residence in Lyon 2, you will need a budget of approximately 580€/month. The price of rent can vary depending on the residence you choose, its location and the services it offers. In the majority of student residences, the rent per square meter is 27,5€/sq.m. 



Some tips for an effective search for student accommodation in Lyon 2



The location of the accommodation is one of the main criteria when doing your research. Student residences know this very well and managers build their accommodation as close as possible to schools & universities. This allows their clientele of young tenants to be able to save themselves long journeys to reach their place of study or work.





How does the student residence lease contract work?



Renting accommodation in a student residence is like renting conventional furnished accommodation as a student, the rules that apply are the same:


  • You sign a lease contract for a minimum of 9 months.

  • You have at least 3 months to leave the apartment if the owner asks you to.

  • You have at least 1 month to leave the apartment, if you request it.

  • You owe a maximum of 2 months' rent to the landlord at the signing of the contract.


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FAQ on student residences in Lyon

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