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Single-parent family & housing: our tips

In 2021, single-parent families represented 1.9 million out of the 8 million families with minor children in France in 2021 (INSEE). And this statistic has been increasing for several years. This family situation presents several challenges for the father or the mother of this family, in particular on the economic level. With a single salary for one or more children, the end of the month can be complicated. Extra-curricular activities, clothes, shopping, vacations, childcare… finding accommodation also remains a trying step for the head of the family.


Also, if most single-parent families generally have only one child, according to INSEE, these single-parent and blended families live in overcrowded housing. They are also the poorest families in France: they are often close to or below the poverty line. In France, there are aids for citizens responding to this family pattern. We have gathered all the useful information for you!


Single-parent families: how to find accommodation?


When you are a single-parent family, finding your home can be a real headache. With a single salary as a guarantee, many landlords can automatically put your file on the side.


At the time of the search, the mother or father of a single-parent family can request assistance from the Solidarity Fund for Housing or the Loca Pass scheme, which are public schemes that can act as guarantor for the most modest households who often encounter difficulties in finding accommodation.


The single-parent family can also benefit from Habitations aux Loyers Modérés (HLM). This housing aid is also state aid subject to household means testing. Since some single-parent families are in a situation of poverty, they can register on the HLM request lists. Prepare yourself the waiting time can be quite long…


What are the housing benefits for single-parent families?


Single-parent families benefit from certain financial aid in France. If this is your case, we give you here all the help you can ask for.


First of all, by declaring yourself a single parent (box “T”) with the tax authorities, you will be able to benefit from a reduction in income tax. The Family Support Allowance (ASF) is paid automatically if the spouse is deceased or if he has not recognized the child. Otherwise you also have the opportunity to take advantage of financial aid which is housing aid.


  • Personalized housing assistance (APL) can be requested if the accommodation is subject to an agreement between the owner and the State. This agreement makes it possible to determine the rent and the duration of the lease and to benefit from housing assistance according to the profile of the household.
  • If the family cannot apply for the APL, they have the option of applying for the Family Housing Allowance (ALF). This financial aid makes it possible to lower the amount of the rent and to alleviate the expenses of low-income families. It is intended for isolated people who have dependent children.
  • Finally, if you cannot benefit from the APL or ALF, you can apply for the social housing allowance.


These three financial aids cannot be combined and must be requested in that order. You must inquire with the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) to which you are attached.


Don't forget to ask for local financial aid. Some municipalities or regions can offer aid to help single-parent families make ends meet.


For example in Paris, the town hall has set up assistance for single parents: “Paris Logement Famille Monoparentale”. This financial aid is subject to income conditions, requires having resided in Paris for 3 years and never having had a problem with unpaid rent. The city of Paris has set up this allowance because Parisian rents are almost unthinkable for a household with only one salary.


Families who follow the traditional pattern represent the majority of families in France. Nevertheless, blended, single-parent families, often with one or more dependent children, are increasingly numerous. Financial aid is necessary to guarantee a decent living environment for these households, which often live below the poverty line.

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