étudiants étrangers qui peut se porter garant

Foreign students: who can vouch for you?

France is a country that attracts thousands of foreign students every year. If the Covid-19 pandemic marked a pause in this dynamic, 2021 proved that France remains a privileged destination for foreign students: 370,000 foreign students in France in 2021 according to Campus France.


To come and study in France, it is essential to find out about some administrative procedures concerning obtaining a visa but also finding accommodation. When looking for student accommodation, landlords ask for a guarantor who undertakes to pay the student's rent in the event of financial problems (since the student does not have a significant income in principle). In general, French students call on a member of their family (parents, brother, sister, uncle and aunt). This rental deposit can be more complicated to find for international students who do not know anyone in France.


Do not panic, we will explain everything to you and offer you several options.


Find a guarantor: some information you need to know


The guarantor is often necessary to build a file when looking for student accommodation. This is the person who agrees to pay your rent in the event of financial problems. This rental guarantee is essential for owners who rent their accommodation to students.


The person who acts as guarantor must provide his last tax notices to certify his ability to finance the student's rent. In general, the owner requests the tax notices for the last three months. If the guarantor is the owner of a property, it is advisable to send the papers of his properties: this is a solid guarantee for the lessor.


This bond is not mandatory in France but increases your chances of signing a lease.


In general, French students call on someone close to their family.


However, the guarantor need not necessarily be a natural person. In the case of international students (but also for many French students), it is possible to appeal to financial organizations that act as guarantors for you and support you in your search for accommodation.


Otherwise, the French State has set up a system that allows students to rent an apartment without a guarantor: this is the State Key deposit. This deposit has been replaced by the VISALE system, which offers to act as guarantor for people in financial difficulty and, if necessary, to advance property expenses and plan reimbursement over the long term. This offer is free and open to students. Find all the necessary information on visale.fr.


Studapart can vouch for you


Studapart can act as guarantor for you if you have difficulty finding your student rental deposit. In partnership with Allianz insurance, Studapart allows you to certify your rental file and maximize your acceptance with landlords. Concretely, this insurance makes it possible to cover the rent as well as the charges for your accommodation in the event of financial difficulty or a dispute with the landlord. Studapart guarantees work thanks to the principle of joint surety and allow the lessor to contact Studapart directly in the event of non-payment.

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