Giving notice of lease termination

An unforeseen event, professional opportunity or a bad surprise: there can be plenty of reasons for moving-out. But in any case, you can’t just notify your landlord overnight! Find out how to leave in due form in case you have to leave before the end date indicated on your lease agreement

préavis résiliation bail
Notice of lease termination 

Writing a notice letter to leave the accommodation: when is it necessary? 


Usually, the duration of your rental is fixed by the lease agreement. The contract outline the start and end date of your rental. 
However, for many possible reasons, you might want to leave your accommodation before the end date indicated on your rental contract. No matter for what reason, you must inform your landlord of your early departure: that’s what is called giving notice.

When should I inform that I am leaving?

It’s important to give prior notice in good time, because it allows your landlord to re-let his place easily without undergoing vacancy. 

The delay you have to respect depends on the area of your accommodation : 

  • 1 month in a tense zone or zone tendue. These are cities such as Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon where it’s difficult to access housing. 
  • 3 months elsewhere. 

You can find out if the accommodation is located in a zone tendue or not over here

The delay also depends on the kind of rental: 

  • 1 month for a furnished flat 
  • 3 months for an empty flat 


How do I give notice of my leave? 

In practice, you inform your landlord of your early departure by sending him a letter of notice. We highly recommend you send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt so you are sure your landlord received your letter and is aware you are leaving. You can also give it directly in person, in return for a receipt (a onte attesting that your prior notice was well-received). 

How can Studapart help you move out? 

Find information in our resource centre! 

If you have any doubt about a situation during your rental, our resource centre can help you out. It gives you access to many information, with detailed articles covering all the topics you may be faced with. You will also find sample letters and lease cancellation letters. It may well save you precious time! 



Studapart helps you build trust with your landlord

Studapart has more than 36,000 individual homeowners who have seen the effectiveness of the platform. They trust Studapart and will also trust you. There’s nothing to worry about if you wish to leave your accommodation prematurely. But do feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or in the event of a dispute. Our experts speak several languages, and are available 6/7 days for guidance and support! 

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