Housing and moving assistance: what are your rights?

What help can you get when moving? Who are they for and what are the criteria for claiming them? Studapart tells you everything. There are many moving housing assistance schemes, which everyone can apply for depending on their situation or income. A brief overview of the main aids.



How much does a move cost?


A move can generate a lot of expenses. You have to hire a moving company or rent a vehicle. Expenses are also generated upstream in the search for new accommodation (agency fees, support costs) and in the transfer from one accommodation to another (two rents to be paid).


If you leave a home you own, there will be costs for renting or selling it, or even bank charges related to the repayment of the mortgage.


All of these elements must be taken into account to establish a moving budget, then to apply for financial assistance for the move.



What help to move?


For workers: Action Logement


If your move is motivated by a transfer or a professional opportunity in another region, the Action Logement organization offers assistance called Mobili-Pass.


This aid is intended for employees who join a private company with at least ten employees (excluding the agricultural sector). The move must take place as part of a hiring, transfer or relocation (in France) of the company. It covers most of the costs related to the change of residence.


Action Logement also offers Mon Job Mon Logement assistance. This is a subsidy of €1,000 to help bring the employee's accommodation closer to their place of work, either in the context of hiring after a period of unemployment, or in a process of significantly reducing working time. travel between home and work.


Aid from Action Logement is reserved for workers whose gross salary does not exceed one and a half minimum wage.

Did you know ? Some companies give their newly hired employees a moving bonus. Do not hesitate to inquire with the human resources department or the CSE.


For workers in the agricultural sector


Action Logement offers agricultural workers in the process of moving the equivalent of what it offers for the private sector, namely the Agri-Mobility and Agri-Mobili Jeune schemes.


For students: mobility aids (Parcoursup, Master)


The Parcoursup mobility aid is an aid for scholarship students who wish to continue their studies in an establishment outside their home academy. It must be requested on the amp.etudiant.gouv.fr website. The processing of the file is triggered when a wish has been definitively accepted on Parcoursup.


Specific relocation assistance is also available for scholarship students who are going to follow their first year of master's degree in an establishment located outside their home academy. This master mobility aid, managed by the CROUS, is in the amount of €1,000. To make a request, go to the website www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr and select the icon “Master mobility assistance”.


For students and young people in training: Mobili-Jeune


For people under thirty who are continuing their studies or training, Action Logement offers the Mobili-Jeune system. It concerns students but also young people in training, work-study, apprenticeship or professionalization contract.


This is not a specific device for moving, but more general housing assistance. Open to incomes below the minimum wage, this aid of up to €100 per month can be combined under certain conditions with the APL.


Psst… If you are studying in the capital, you can benefit from the AILE, assistance with settling into student accommodation in the amount of €900 with the city of Paris.


For large families


The CAF and the MSA offer families with at least three children a moving bonus. This bonus is a reimbursement of moving expenses (all supporting documents must be kept) up to the ceilings set by CAF.


To benefit from it, you must also be eligible for the APL or the ALF. The request must be made within six months of moving to the CAF or MSA site.


For people with disabilities


People with disabilities can benefit from housing assistance as part of the disability compensation benefits (PCH). This housing arrangement assistance includes moving assistance which, depending on the criteria, can cover up to all moving costs, capped at €3,000.


And also


For retirees: pension funds offer moving and accommodation assistance as part of home support.


For civil servants: when assigned to a new municipality, the civil servant can be assisted by covering the costs of changing residence.


For people in difficulty: you can apply for the FSL, housing solidarity fund, a national aid which helps to get through difficult times by covering rental costs and therefore moving costs.

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