Finding student accommodation in Sophia-Antipolis

Sophia-Antipolis is a French commune located in the South-East of France. It is located next to Antibes, Biot and a few kilometres from Nice. It is a small town with less than 10,000 inhabitants. However, more than 5,000 students come to study their. Indeed, many large institutions such as EURECOM or the University Nice-Sophia-Antipolis have settled there. Most of them are looking for student accommodation during their studies. Very few live in Sophia-Antipolis, preferring the towns of Antibes, Valbonne or Juan-Les-Pins. It is indeed more lively there - especially on weekends. Via Studapart, students regularly book their student accommodation with a private individual in Juan-Les-Pins, their student residences in Sophia-Antipolis or their flatshare in Antibes. Studapart continues to support them as they leave for their internship. It is very common for students from these institutions to go on internships in the Capital. As always, they quickly and efficiently find their student accommodation in Paris with Studapart.