Finding student accommodation in Versailles

 How can you find accommodation in Versailles where around 13 000 students from all over the world come to study every year? Studapart takes care of everything by offering you a diverse range of accommodations: in student residences, studios, shared flats or homestays.  


Student housing in Versailles boosts the municipalityLogement étudiant Versailles


Versailles, city renowned for its university diversity and its flourishing culture

Versailles is a dynamic student city. Versailles is attracting more and more students. It welcomes many from within Paris, from surrounding municipalities and from abroad. It is sometimes difficult to find accommodation in Versailles. However, the municipality has a variety of student accommodation. The rent is slightly lower than in Paris and is only 50 minutes from the center of Paris.



What average surface for student accommodation in Versailles ?

The size of a student dwelling in Versailles compared to the national average

On average, a student rental in Versailles varies around 15m² against a national average of 21m².

What kind of accommodation should I choose for my stay in Versailles ?

Students' favourite option are student residence in Versailles

The most sought after accommodation by students in Versailles are studios and one-bedroom apartments in university residences. These residences are larger than in Paris, where you have to pay a higher rent to stay in a private apartment. Students in Versailles more rarely opt for a studio located in the town with a private individual. They prefer to stay in a shared flat.


What average budget should I plan for student accommodation in Versailles ? 

Students will have to plan on average 600€ for student housing in Versailles

The average budget for a student at Versailles is 700€. An amount higher than the provincial average which is 560€. This is lower than the budget of a student in Paris which is 865 €. Despite some disparities in Ile de France, the average rent is 800 €. It is more difficult to find student accommodation in Paris intra muros. Other more distant cities like Meudon are cheaper than Versailles.


Who are the guarantors of student rentals in Versailles ?

Most students are from the region

At Versailles 87% of students have a family member as guarantor.


Where do students studying in Versailles come from? 

Most students are from the region

Versailles hosts a pool of different universities such as the University of Versailles, the National School of Architecture of Versailles, but also the School of Decorative and Wall Art in Versailles. One can find there students for the majority coming from the surrounding cities. More than 15 nationalities are still represented. French and international students are attracted by the dynamism of the city and the specialization of the different fields of study. They also appreciate the proximity to the French capital while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the Versailles culture.



How to book student accommodation in Versailles using Studapart? 

Studapart offers more than 1000 student dwellings in Versailles.

Studapart specialises in student accommodation and provides students with a dedicated online housing platform. The platform has offers of studios, flatshares, homestays and apartments in student residences in Versailles. With Studapart, they can book their student accommodation in Versailles online, with or without a visit. 


What do students benefit from using Studapart? 
Studapart makes the search for accommodation easier and has exclusive offers in store 


  • A 100% secure platform

We check quality and authenticity in our user’s profiles and listings. 


  • The Studapart Guarantee 

No guarantor? No issues.  When you book your student accommodation, you can subscribe to the Studapart guarantee. Studapart will then act as your guarantor for the whole duration of your stay. 


  • The Studapart Certification

As it is difficult to secure a student rental in Versailles without a French guarantor, Studapart offers to international students a way of certifying their creditworthiness and authenticity of their guarantor’s supporting documents.