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How to rent a T3 apartment in Nice?

How to find the ideal T3 rental in Nice, where near 52% of the inhabitants are tenants? In a modern residence or with the charm of the old, in the hyper center or more quiet, everyone can find their ideal accommodation among the Studapart ads. Read more

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How to find the ideal T3 rental in Nice, where near 52%} of the inhabitants are tenants? In a modern residence or with the charm of the old, in the hyper center or more quiet, everyone can find their ideal accommodation among the Studapart ads.  


Opt for a T3 apartment in Nice!



Nice, the trendy City of Angels


Nice, also called The City of Angels or Nissa la Bella, in reference to Los Angeles and the anthem "A la mieu bella Nissa" (To my beautiful Nice) in the Nice language, is a coastal city in the South of France.

 Capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department, located on the French Riviera, Nice is a city that has always attracted and fascinated artists.

With more than 340,000 inhabitants, Nissa la Bella, listed as a World Heritage Site, attracts because of its cultural offer, but also economic: it offers fertile ground for entrepreneurship; as well as tourism, especially with its famous Promenade des Anglais, which attracts visitors from all over the world. 

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the most famous and popular of the French coasts, it is the perfect destination for those seeking the gentleness of the South of France with the prestige of the most beautiful capitals. Sunny most of the year, Nice is also a resort town for many French people and foreigners. Very touristy in summer. The City of Angels will certainly appeal to lovers of the seaside, nature, art, parties and beautiful things. Housing is very popular and rents are rather high compared to the national average.



Nice is experiencing a very strong housing shortage 


A housing shortage occurs when there is more demand than supply in the real estate market. 3-bedroom apartments for rent are property extremely sought in Nice. To stay in Nice, with a complete file, it takes more or less almost 2 months.

As in nearly 60% of cities in France, Nice suffers from a very strong and even extreme shortage of furnished accommodation: there is at least twice as much demand as supply.

In Nice, we count more or less between 2 and 4 times more demands than offers.


A T3 rental at Nice, for whom? 


A 3-room apartment is an ideal solution for couples who wish to have space or with a child.

Housing is categorized using an attribute (T1, T2, T3, T4, etc.), which specifies the number of rooms apart from the kitchen and the bathroom(s). A T3 is therefore composed of three rooms, to which must be added the kitchen and the bathroom.

When we are also interested in the typology of the property. The following types of accommodation are the most common: individual accommodation, collective accommodation, shared accommodation, etc.

  • 92% of 3-bedroom accommodation offered in Nice are apartments

  • 13% of individual from Nice accommodations are T3

  • 10% of 3-bedroom apartments available for rent in Nissa la bella are flatshares


What is the average surface of a T3 in Nice? 


The attribute of the dwelling (T1,T2,T3...) gives a precision on the number of rooms but not on the total surface of the dwelling. Even if it is rare, a T3 apartment can be narrower than a T2! In France, T3 dwellings have an average surface area of ​​xm2. Good to know: the surface area of ​​a property can fluctuate depending on the age of the property. For a T3 apartment in Nice, you can count on an average surface of 65sq.m.


Rental T3 in Nice: what rent?


In Nice, it is necessary to count 19€/sq.m on average. The rents for a T3 apartment in Nice or in its periphery vary according to the district, the number of m², but also the terms of rental: furnished or not. For a furnished T3 rental in Nice, plan 1000€/month, deduct 11 to 13% from this amount, if you opt for an empty dwelling.


A T3 rental in Nice, where to start? 


To find the ideal 3-room apartment Nice, start by defining its location. Take into account your place of work/study, in order to facilitate your daily travels. Also consider neighborhoods you like and transportation.


The Port district, the “petit marais niçois” 


The Port of Nice district: emblematic of the city, is a popular and trendy place with a strong personality.

Are you looking for the most trendy district of Nice? Welcome to the Port district! Between yachts and chic restaurants, the architecture is typical of the South of France. The view of the Port is unique and really worth the detour, especially at a time when the sun is setting. It is an ideal district for lovers of seafood and aperitifs with friends; but also for fans of antiques and fine gourmets, who will find what they are looking for in the second-hand shops and delicatessens of the district. Finally, if you enjoy nightlife and partying, the Port district is also known for its many gay bars on rue Bonaparte.

 Located in the south-east of Nice, the Port district is delimited by the hill of the Castle, the Boron and Alban mountains, the rue Barla and the sea. At the heart of the district is the Place de l'Île de Beauté, the most famous in the area, overlooked by the famous church of Notre Dame du Port and surrounded by typical facades with red porticoes. It is a district that is constantly evolving thanks to various urban projects and recently with the arrival of the tramway.

Housing is particularly popular there and the rents are rather high compared to the national average, part of the Port district is also nicknamed "Le petit marais niçois", in reference to the Parisian district of the Marais, very coveted.




Cimiez, a green setting in the heart of the city


The Cimiez district in Nice is a residential district, formerly a royal vacation spot, which offers rather upscale housing and attracts residents looking for a green setting in the heart of the city.

Located on the hill of Cimiez, which overlooks the historic center, this district offers a concentration of culture and history with its museums dedicated to the painters Matisse and Chagal, erected in a green park, which invites tranquility. There are also the arenas and their olive grove, which contain the ruins of a Roman city, not to mention its archaeological museum and the famous monastery of Cimiez. It is the district of prestigious hotels and other majestic dwellings, widely appreciated by personalities from all over the world.

Thanks to its cultural richness, the Cimiez district attracts visitors in the summer season. Long inhabited by retired people, families have been settling there for a few years, attracted by the green spaces it offers. This district is also equipped with all amenities (schools, nurseries, sports facilities, hospitals, etc.), very well served by transport and with easy access to the motorway, which makes it one of the most popular in the City of Angels.




No more secrecy on T3 rental


What is a T3 apartment?


A T3 accommodation generally offers a living space of between 50 and 65m2, it includes three rooms, in addition to the kitchen and the bathroom. As with all other types of rental property, you can find furnished or unfurnished T3 rentals.

The surface of a T3 varies according to the advertisements, mainly according to the age of the property. Old buildings are often larger than modern buildings. There is no minimum legal area for a 3-room apartment, the layout of the property must simply respect the conditions of T3.


Everything you need to know about the rental lease


The two main types of rental leases are: the furnished lease and the empty lease. The conditions change from one to the other:

For a furnished property:

  • The rental contract must last a minimum of 1 year (reducible to 9 months for a student tenant).

  • If the landlord wants you to leave the apartment, he must notify you at least 3 months in advance.

  • If you want to leave the apartment, you must notify your landlord at least 1 month in advance.

  • To sign the lease, the landlord can ask you for a maximum of 2 months rent, in most cases he only asks for one month.

For an empty good:

  • The rental contract must last for a minimum of 3 years.

  • If the landlord wants you to leave the apartment, he must notify you at least 6 months in advance.

  • If you want to leave the apartment, you must notify your landlord at least 3 months in advance.

  • To sign the lease, the landlord can ask you for a maximum of 1 month's rent.


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Maëlle M.

Brand manager

Frequently asked questions

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Nice?

For the most part, students looking for student accommodation in Nice are looking for studios from € 526 to € 626

What type of accommodation should you choose to stay in Nice?

Students looking for student accommodation in Nice outside the family home are looking primarily for a studio with an average rent of € 576 or a T1, a one-room apartment, with a average rent of € 829. Shared accommodation is also in great demand, since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more spacious and comfortable student apartment in Nice.

FAQ on t3 in Nice

🏙️ How to find your t3 in Nice in a few clicks?

Check out our selection of verified t3 available in Nice. Studapart really makes your search for t3 in Nice easier thanks to the %count% proposed accommodations bookable from your sofa.

💶 What is the average rent of a t3 in Nice?

The average price is 576€ for studios and 1134€ for 2 rooms in Nice.

🚀 How to book an accommodation in t3 in Nice?

To book a t3 in Nice with Studapart, nothing could be easier! Register on, apply, book in Nice. Get an answer within 72h maximum guaranteed.

✨ How to get my housing subsidies for a t3 in Nice?

Test your eligibility with your CAF Nice or register on Studapart to benefit from our housing assistance service. Most of the %count% accommodations available on Studapart are subsidized and therefore eligible for housing financial assistance (such as APL, ALS or ALF).

🙌🏼 How to find a t3 in Nice without a guarantor?

To find a t3 in Nice without a guarantor, register on Studapart and activate a Guaranteed Profile.