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More and more students


There have never been so many students in France. There are just over 2,600,000 today. And the student population could reach 2,900,000 students by 2025.

On the one hand, higher education has become widely democratized since the 1980s. The job market is difficult and young people prefer to train more and for longer to meet the demands of recruiters. On the other hand, more and more foreign students come to study in Europe with the Erasmus program. France is now the 6th destination in the world chosen by international students. By 2025, 17% of students in France will be internationals.

Housing, a barrier to their mobility


Students have increasingly agile paths. This hypermobility is driven by their schools, whose programs are evolving. Students now carry out internships of 2 to 6 months, sometimes 2 to 3 times per course. Inter-campus exchanges in France or internationally are developing more and more, and are sometimes even made compulsory.


These modern courses explain a new phenomenon: students often have to stay for only 2, 4 or 6 months. In short, they have to change more and more housing, for ever shorter periods!

These nomads seek to find accommodation according to new criteria: a fast and fluid experience, turnkey accommodation. For international profiles, specific issues are added: language barriers, visas, rental files, guarantors ... So how can we help them?




A partnership as a solution


Studapart has joined forces with S, a French specialist in the recruitment of students, interns and work-study students. “It is important to us to ensure that access to housing is never again a barrier to the academic paths of these students.” - Johan Luparello, in charge of the partnership.

The two startups offer you access to an exclusive platform, providing users with ready-to-live-in accommodation (studios, roommates, student residences, homestays, etc.), for a minimum period of '1 month. The two teams are committed to supporting you and making the process easier for you throughout your search.


What is ? is the No. 1 in France for the recruitment of interns and work-study students, with 30,000 advertisements per year. The ad serving platform has 5 million annual visitors for an average of 300,000 applications.

The aim of is to allow recruiters to easily publish all their job offers to quickly find the ideal intern or work-study student for a future hiring. The attractiveness of young talents being a major issue in recruitment, the startup of 8 people works every day to forge partnerships with CFA schools and universities, prestigious training organizations to attract the best profiles!


How it works ?


Log on to, create your account and start your search for accommodation. The Studapart and teams are there to support you.


It's up to you!

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