Towards a new culture of rental!

Studies abroad, professional mobility, digital nomadism ... we are changing ever more homes, for shorter periods. Yet affiliate research and processes are still as complex as they were 20 years ago.


Why, at a time when you can plan a trip on Blablacar at the last minute, book accommodation on Airbnb and order a Pokébowl on Deliveroo in less than five minutes, is renting still so complicated? Real estate is one of the few markets that has not experienced a radical and positive upheaval. Many technologies are now digitizing the inventory, contracting, visits ... and just as much are the classifieds sites that invest in the subject, without however managing to humanize and simplify it.


You are looking for accommodation on dozens of sites among a sea of ​​offers. Little by little, you close your eyes to your personal criteria, your priority being the simple fact of finding a roof. Are you lucky? You sweat blood and water in the constitution of the ideal file, heavy in supporting documents. Keys in hand? We must already move on: initial inventory, security deposit, home insurance, electricity contracts, internet ... The adventure has only just begun!


More often than not, you've made the investment of a lifetime. You want to find the tenant who will take care of your property as if it were their own and who will simply pay the rent on time. To find it, you post your ad and receive hundreds of requests. You are alone faced with a mountain of requests for profiles that do not necessarily correspond to the types of tenant or rental sought. How do you choose the “right” person? How can you protect yourself from the risk of unpaid bills or damage? And how do you manage your rental over the long term?


3 out of 4 owners only rent to people on permanent contracts, while nearly 80% of hires are on fixed-term contracts and the number of freelancers has doubled over the past ten years. Likewise, the majority of landlords charge tenants (or their guarantors) an income equivalent to 2 or 3 times the amount of the rent, which locks in most of them.

It's time to address this trust crisis 


At Studapart, we get up every morning to make rentals a positive life experience where people take precedence over financial guarantees. A fair and efficient experience, where everyone is in control of their location.


Culture du mieux loger

To do this, we create a common culture for rental companies and tenants: the culture of better housing. It brings us together and unites our users around common values: respect, communication and better living together.

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