Finding student accommodation in Dijon

Dijon is a major French city, located in the Côte-d'Or region. It is very attractive for its economic dynamism and its location between Paris and Lyon. The city is populated with more than 155 000 Dijon residents. Among them, 40 000 students are in Dijon to be trained in various and diversified fields. There are many important institutions like Sciences Po Dijon, Burgundy School of Business, AgroSup Dijon or the University of Burgundy. It is essential for many students in Dijon to find student accommodation during their studies. Some prefer student residential accommodation. Others wish to rent apartments alone or share a flat in the city centre. With Studapart, students have a choice and can always get the best fit. For mobility in other cities in France or abroad, we can help our students find their apartment. Our multilingual support team is available for them.