Finding student accommodation in Reims

Reims is located in the Marne region. Less than 45 minutes from Paris, it attracts more and more students every year. Today, the city has more than 180,000 inhabitants, including 30,000 students (15% of the population). Most of them are enrolled in 3 higher education institutions, namely NEOMA Business School, Sciences Po and the University of Reims. To maximize their chances of obtaining a diploma, it is essential for them to study in perfect conditions. It is often essential to find student accommodation in Reims. Fortunately, Studapart helps students in Reims. Via our platform, we offer students the possibility to book accommodation rented by a private individual, a real estate agency or a student residence in Reims. For each mobility, students can use our free of charge service. If the student has to go to the Paris region for an internship, we can easily find him a student accommodation in Paris. Anytime they use the platform, students can call on our multilingual support team to help them find whatever suits them best.