Finding student accommodation in Rouen

Rouen is a French city located in Seine-Maritime. It has over 110,000 students. The City of Rouen enjoys an unfailing dynamism. We can measure it by its significant increase in students over the past 10 years. Indeed, its student population has increased by 20%. Today, no less than 40,000 students come to Caen to train for their future profession. Of these students, 15% are students from another country. These students come as part of exchange programs. For example, they study at NEOMA Business School, ESIGELEC or the University of Rouen. The demand for student accommodation in Rouen is extremely high. Most students seek accommodation to study in good conditions. The demand is even beyond Rouen’s borders since a large number of future tenants are seeking student accommodation in Mont-Saint-Aignan. Via Studapart, students have the chance to easily find their happiness with private accommodation, student rooms or student residences. In the case of mobility for internships for example, they can also find their student accommodation in Paris on the platform.