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Finding accommodation in a student residence in Montrouge

Are you looking for student accommodation in or near Montrouge ? Studapart, the housing platform of more than 150 French schools and universities, helps you finding a home.

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Accommodation in Montrouge is in great demand. Between high rents and competition from other tenants, it's hard to find the accommodation that suits you. Fortunately, Studapart is there to give you every chance of finding the accommodation that will satisfy you.






Focus on student residences in France


A hosting solution that is increasingly growing


The number of French and foreign students increases by around 2% each year, wishing to stay in student residences including.
Student residence accommodation is in high demand. They have services not found anywhere else.
Student residences are owned by private organizations. Unlike the CROUS university residences for example. Among them, we can notably mention Stud’appartCardinal Campus or Campuséa. Student residences are generally located near places of study. This allows students to minimize their journey times to reach their school or university.
There are all types of accommodation in these student residences. They can thus satisfy the greatest number!
On retrouve dans ces résidences étudiantes des logements de tous types. Elles peuvent ainsi satisfaire le plus grand nombre.


The student residences market in France in a few words


The residences are expanding their capacities, diversifying and constantly growing to meet the growing demand of young people. About 20% of them want to stay in residences. This figure was barely 15% in 2014: it is a sign of the booming success for this type of accommodation.



Zoom on student residences in Montrouge

The rental market in Montrouge


Montrouge is a city full of history, emblematic of the Paris region and which benefits from the dynamism of the capital. The proximity to Paris offers many job prospects and quick access to renowned academic establishments. The price of housing in Montrouge is higher than in the provinces where it is around € 550 per month. The surfaces are also smaller in the Paris region. These factors sometimes repel young people but student residences offer many services to counterbalance these points. They allow young people to study or work in the best conditions wherever they are located.


What are the student residences in Montrouge?


Student residences in Montrouge and its surroundings can be a means of maintaining close proximity to the capital while benefiting from the advantages of residences.
Parisian schools and universities are scattered all over Paris and its immediate suburbs. The student residences which wish to set up as close as possible to the campuses and are therefore distributed in the same way. You can therefore find your happiness in Montrouge.
Studapart offers and lists several residences in and around Montrouge. You just have to do your research according to your expectations and your important criteria and Studapart will offer you the residences that suit you.



The benefits of student residences 

Ideally located and varied accommodation


Tired of making too long trips? Or do Parisian public transport not enchant you? Student residences are adapting and know that geographic location can be an important criterion for many. The residences are therefore located as close as possible to places of study to make your life easier. Other rental companies cannot always offer them this opportunity. Student residences also contain a variety of accommodation. T1, T2, shared flats, etc. Everyone can find something there according to their budget.


Easiness and practicality: the winning combination of student residences

The steps involved in obtaining accommodation can frighten more than one. Student residences know this and have been able to offer suitable solutions. For example, they fully manage rental charges. Everything is included in the rent.
Student residences also have facilities in addition to the accommodation on offer. Fitness rooms, laundromats as well as play and relaxation areas are available.



Studapart is THE solution for renting accommodation in a student residence

Exclusive accommodation for our users


All these advantages make student residences in the Montrouge sector in high demand. Studapart is a partner with many of them. This guarantees you exclusivity over their accommodation. By using Studapart, you will therefore have access to these reserved accommodation, just for you.


More efficient and faster research


Finding accommodation is often a long and tedious battle. Save yourself that wasted time and energy with Studapart. Our platform simplifies your procedures. Studapart lists the student residences in Montrouge to allow you to see more clearly. Then make a request. Our team of multilingual experts available 6 days a week will take care of it until the end.


Maximum security and guaranteed confidence


Online payment can delay more than one and it is legitimate. To help you overcome this barrier, Studapart has developed a special payment platform, Stripe. It allows you to transact securely. Studapart also wants to emphasize trust. To win that of your rental company, you will often need a guarantor. If you don't have one, don't worry. We have developed the Studapart Certification & Guarantee to maximize your chances.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Montrouge?

For the most part, students looking for student accommodation in Montrouge are looking for studios from € 694 to € 794

What type of accommodation should you choose to stay in Montrouge?

Students looking for student accommodation in Montrouge outside the family home are looking primarily for a studio with an average rent of € 744 or a T1, a one-room apartment, with a average rent of € 1058. Shared accommodation is also in great demand, since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more spacious and comfortable student apartment in Montrouge.