Covid-19 : Tenants, all you need to know

Before I move in

Will I get a refund if I can’t come anymore because of the coronavirus outbreak? Do I need to provide supporting documents? 


Closed borders due to Covid-19 are a case of force majeure. In the event of cancellation due to border closure making it impossible to travel to France, Studapart applies a refund of the full payment made at the time booking. If the rental’s starting date indicated on the platform is exceeded, the first rent can’t be refunded, but booking and Guarantee fees are reimbursed. We don’t usually request supporting documents, but they might be asked for in some specific cases. 


Can I visit accommodation during lockdown? 

You could arrange a visit with less than 5 people and in compliance with sanitary measures, but given the current conditions, it is strongly advised you rather arrange a visit through video conferencing or with a large number of pictures - or simply postpone the date of the visit. Some dwellings on Studapart you can visit virtually, which will save you a physical visit. 


Can I move during lockdown? 

Moving isn’t strictly unallowed, but it’s best to postpone whenever possible. Valid reasons for moving during this period are when you already signed a rental contract, and have already given notice to leave your previous accommodation. 

The attestation de déplacement dérogatoire that you have to carry to justify your whereabouts during lockdown does not include move-outs. A declaration on honour must therefore be completed and signed, stating the date of the move, the address of departure and the address of arrival in the new accommodation. You must carry it with you during your move and have your ID with you, in addition to documents justifying your move (rental contract, notice of leave). 
If your move requires heavy logistics, it may be best to postpone it: you aren’t allowed to gather with more than 5 people to help you move and carry boxes. 


➡️ Read more on this topic in this article


Can I do an inventory of fixtures during lockdown? 

You can carry out both check-in and check-out inventory of fixtures, provided that they bring together as few people as possible and in compliance with sanitary measures:  




Avoid physical contact 

Don't shake hands, avoid handing over documents or keys in person : prefer placing them on a previously cleaned surface. 



Take sanitary precautions

If possible, wear gloves and a mask. Do not touch your face and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at the beginning and end of the check-in. 


Keep your distances

Keep at least 1 meter from each other. Avoid being in the same room, rather take turns in each room. 



Stay connected

Distancing measures can be unsettling, so be all the more compassionate. We can still smile at each other, and talk more freely about what could not be said face to face by text or over the phone afterwards.


You can also arrange a remote inventory of fixtures: your landlord can send you a sample document for inventory of fixtures, as well as his copy of the same pre-filled document. With these documents, you can carry out the inventory of fixtures on your own by filling out your copy of the inventory of fixtures and taking pictures to support it. You can call each other while doing the inventory of fixtures to go through each item together, and send each other your signed copy once the inventory of fixtures is completed. 

Regarding the handover of keys, arrange with your landlord: if the previous tenant has left or will leave the premises soon, he can leave the keys to a caretaker or a trustworthy person in the vicinity for you to pick them up. If the landlord already has the keys, he can send them by mail either to your current address, to the caretaker of the building or to a trustworthy person nearby. 


Are furnished apartments disinfected? How does the landlord guarantee my safety?  

It is a legal obligation for tenants to clean when leaving the dwelling, so in theory the cleaning will have been done by the previous tenant or a house care company.  However, Studapart does not have a concierge service and can’t give you further detail about hygiene measures that were taken in the accommodation. If you want more details on how he proceeded to sanitize the dwelling, you have to get in touch with the renter directly. 


While I’m staying in the accommodation


Is it possible to defer rent during lockdown? 

No, the government hasn’t issued any measures regarding rent deferral. All tenants, whether students or not, are required to pay rent and charges on time, under the same conditions as usual. 


I can’t move in at the scheduled entry date, what can I do? 

Studapart can postpone the date of entry with the owner's agreement. Your first rent will therefore be charged on this new date agreed together.  If you have already signed a contract with your landlord, destroy it and sign a new contract matching the new date that you agreed upon. 

I gave notice of my leave but the date will be during lockdown, can I extend my stay until the end of lockdown?

You can arrange this with your landlord. You will first have to check that the accommodation is available in the coming weeks. If it is, the rental has to keep being covered by an up-to-date contract. You can keep the same contract if it is automatically renewable. Otherwise, you can sign an amendment to the contract together. This way, you will be able to stay in the accommodation under the same conditions as in your usual contract, as if you had not given notice.  

Your landlord can find more details on the need or not to update your contract according to your current type of contract in this article


Can common areas still be accessed during lockdown (caretaker, common areas in residences...)? 

This depends on each condominium but, in principle, private common areas aren't to be used during lockdown. 

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