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Finding student accommodation in Palaiseau

How to find accommodation in Palaiseau, a city that brings together 7500 students each year? Whether in an apartment, in a homeshare, in a flatshare or in a student residence, dwellings offered by Studapart are waiting for you!

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How to find accommodation in Palaiseau, a city that brings together 7500 students each year? Whether in an apartment, in a homeshare, in a flatshare or in a student residence, dwellings offered by Studapart are waiting for you! 


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Student housing in Palaiseau, the city’s new priority 

Housing in Palaiseau


Palaiseau, student city in the making 


Palaiseau is a city belonging to the Parisian inner suburbs. It is one of the sub-prefectures of the Essonne department. Its relative proximity to Paris places it in the greater Parisian suburbs. It has a population of about 50,000.
The municipality is renowned because it is home to French grandes écoles on its territory. The engineering schools in Palaiseau are among the best in France. We can mention the famous Ecole PolytechniqueENSTA or the University of Paris-Sud.


Palaiseau is a city that attracts more and more students. Its inclusion in the Paris-Saclay project makes Palaiseau a college town with a bright future. It is the main town of Paris-Saclay. Paris-Saclay is destined to become the leading university centre in Europe with nearly 100,000 students. But it is also one of the main employment areas in France with nearly 30,000 companies and 250,000 jobs. The proximity between Palaiseau schools and companies greatly facilitates the student’s professional integration. 


Palaiseau is a commune where it is pleasant to study. It combines the dynamism of Parisian influence with the tranquility of a small provincial town. Palaiseau is crossed by the Yvette River and located in the heart of the Chevreuse Valley. It is a very wooded and hilly city in which it is pleasant to hike. Palaiseau has decided to build many new buildings to accommodate Paris-Saclay students. It is a city with an increasingly modern architecture. With nearly 400km of cycle paths, cycling is one of the most convenient means of transport in Palaiseau. It is well adapted to the city's environment. Palaiseau is one of the best served cities in the Paris suburbs. The Massy-Palaiseau station links Palaiseau to Paris with the RER in just 30 minutes. Many TGV trains also make it possible to travel quickly between Palaiseau and major provincial cities such as BordeauxLyonMarseille and Lille. Orly International Airport is only a few kilometres away and opens Palaiseau to the rest of the world. 


It’s not always easy to find accommodation in the town of Palaiseau. Rents are more affordable than in the center of Paris but it remains superior to the national average. When it comes to student housing in Palaiseau, there aren’t many available housing offers in front of a high volume of demands. But all in all, that doesn’t make the market that tense considering many student residences have grown in Palaiseau. Therefore, finding student accommodation in Palaiseau isn’t impossible. 


In 2019, nearly 5000 students and Studapart searched for a student apartment in Palaiseau outside the family home. So what types of accommodation are these French and international students looking for? What is the average budget for a student rental in Palaiseau? In which districts? Studapart answers all these questions for you. 

What is the average surface for student accommodation in Palaiseau?


Studios in student residences are very popular

More than half of the students looking for student housing in Palaiseau are looking primarily for a studio or one-room apartment (T1). Mostly, this kind of accommodation is found in student residences in Palaiseau. To live in a private apartment, the most common is to go for a flatshare or a room in a private home. Nearly a quarter of students in Palaiseau choose to live in a dwelling from the private park. 


What kind of accommodation should I choose for my stay in Palaiseau? 


Studios are the preferred listing


As stated earlier, students looking for student accommodation in Palaiseau are mostly looking for individual studios. Many of them want to live near the Massy-Palaiseau train station. This district allows quick access to the Paris-Saclay center, as well as Paris and its close suburbs. There are also many shops and commerces, which is one of the main criteria for students. But the average rent in this area may be too high for a student budget. They might turn to accommodation further away from the city centre. These neighbourhoods are further away from transportation but closer to schools. Student residences are located on the outskirts of Palaiseau.

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Palaiseau? 

Students will have to plan on average 579€ for student accommodation in Palaiseau 


The average budget for a student in Palaiseau is €633, which is 22% higher than the provincial average (€518) but still lower than a student’s budget in Paris (€821). In Palaiseau, the student budget is slightly higher than the average rent. This is a sign of a rather tense market. But Palaiseau offers a good compromise between affordable rent and proximity to the capital. The surrounding communes located in neighbouring departments are closer to Paris but more expensive. This is the case of Ivry, which is 30% more expensive than Palaiseau. More distant cities such as Versailles do not always offer housing that is better suited to the student budgetVersailles is 15% more expensive than Palaiseau but less well connected to the capital. You would have to go much further away from Paris to find cheaper accommodation than in Palaiseau. Evry, for example, is a town where average rent is €15 less than in Palaiseau. 

Who are the guarantors for student accommodation in Palaiseau? 

Family acts as a guarantor in most cases


It is difficult to secure student accommodation in Palaiseau without a solid guarantor. It is therefore the student's family that vouches for the student 78% of the time. In a few cases  (3%), students ask their friends to act as guarantors for them, while others (7%) don’t have a guarantor at all. Only 10% of the students rely on state mechanisms as an alternative to a guarantor. 500 of students looking for student accommodation in Palaiseau use the Studapart Certification to give weight to their application and reassure landlords. 


Where do people studying in Palaiseau come from? 

A majority of international students 


Unlike other college towns, internationals represent a large proportion of students in Palaiseau. The schools in Palaiseau are very open to international students and offer many exchange semesters. It’s also part of policy of the Paris-Saclay cluster, where more than half of the students are international. There are not as many students from the region in Palaiseau as there are in provincial towns. French students in Palaiseau come from all over France. 10% of them come from the Centre region, 9% come from the Grand-Est and 7% are from Lille and its outskirts. 


How to book student accommodation in Palaiseau with Studapart?  

Studapart offers more than 3000 student dwellings in Palaiseau


Due to its student population, thousands of students have to find their student apartment in Palaiseau every year. This isn’t always easy. Some students want to live in the periphery of Palaiseau. But a majority of students are looking for their studio or shared flat in the center. 


They can easily find student accommodation in Palaiseau using Studapart. Studapart has been a student rental specialist for 5 years and offers students an online housing platform dedicated to them. The platform has offers of studios, shared apartments, homestays and apartments in student residences in Palaiseau. Studapart allows them to book their student apartment in Palaiseau online, with or without visiting the place. They can also purchase their home insurance at the time of booking. A multilingual support team (French, English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese) is available 6 days a week to guide them. The team can also assist them in their exchanges with lessors if necessary. 


Students in Palaiseau might sometimes be required to change cities several times during their studies due to internships or international exchanges they may have to carry out during their course. Studapart offers them a fast, smart and smooth rent experience. With Studapart, they can quickly book turnkey accommodation from thousands of verified student accommodation offers. Studapart also offers them seamless support - whether before and after the booking process. 


At Studapart, we believe in a simpler and more personal rent experience. On a daily basis, we work to facilitate access to housing for French and international students. 


What benefits do students gain from using Studapart?  

Studapart makes the search for accommodation easier and has exclusive offers in store 

What do students in Palaiseau gain from using the Studapart housing platform? 


A 100% secure platform
Studapart evaluates the authenticity of ads and user profiles. We encourage rental companies to make our students happy with a good response rate, a complete profile and quality accommodation. Our team is there to support you along the way. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we will do everything in our power to find you another place. 


The Studapart Guarantee
No guarantor? No issues.  When you book your student accommodation, you can subscribe to the Studapart Guarantee. Studapart will then act as your guarantor for the whole duration of your stay. The Studapart Guarantee will allow you to reassure your landlord and rent any home on the platform. 


The Studapart Certification
As it is difficult to find a student rental in Palaiseau without a French guarantor, Studapart offers international students a way of certifying the creditworthiness and authenticity of their guarantors' supporting documents. This way, international students in Palaiseau will have their rental application reinforced. The Studapart Certification will allow you to search for accommodation on Studapart, but also on any other property rental sites and/or directly with landlords, student residences or real estate agencies. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is the average rent for student accommodation in Palaiseau?

For the most part, students looking for student accommodation in Palaiseau are looking for studios from € 317 to € 417

What type of accommodation should you choose to stay in Palaiseau?

Students looking for student accommodation in Palaiseau outside the family home are looking primarily for a studio with an average rent of € 367 or a T1, a one-room apartment, with a average rent of € 463. Shared accommodation is also in great demand, since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more spacious and comfortable student apartment in Palaiseau.

FAQ on student accommodations in Palaiseau

🏙️ How to find your student accommodation in Palaiseau in a few clicks?

Check out our selection of verified student accommodations available in Palaiseau. Studapart really makes your search for student accommodations in Palaiseau easier thanks to the %count% proposed accommodations bookable from your sofa.

💶 What is the average rent of a student accommodation in Palaiseau?

The average price is 367€ for studios and 581€ for 2 rooms in Palaiseau.

🚀 How to book an accommodation in student accommodation in Palaiseau?

To book a student accommodation in Palaiseau with Studapart, nothing could be easier! Register on, apply, book in Palaiseau. Get an answer within 72h maximum guaranteed.

✨ How to get my housing subsidies for a student accommodation in Palaiseau?

Test your eligibility with your CAF Palaiseau or register on Studapart to benefit from our housing assistance service. Most of the %count% accommodations available on Studapart are subsidized and therefore eligible for housing financial assistance (such as APL, ALS or ALF).

🙌🏼 How to find a student accommodation in Palaiseau without a guarantor?

To find a student accommodation in Palaiseau without a guarantor, register on Studapart and activate a Guaranteed Profile.